Cubase 13 mouse scroll wheel bug!

My mouse has 2 buttons that I’ve mapped to key commands: ‘shift’ and ‘command’. That way I can scroll and zoom with one hand.

While these worked completely fine in Cubase 12, in Cubase 13, they get stuck on whatever key I’m using to zoom!

Shift + mousewheel scrolls horizontally, but when I let go of the button, it’s STUCK in horizontal scroll!

Command + mousewheel, zooms in and out. After clicking the button, my mousewheel is stuck in that zoom feature!

Is there a way to fix this?!


Mouse wheel scrolling bug here too on Cubase 13, it would occasionally get stuck on horizontal scrolling with no apparent reason, until i will click somewhere and then i would go back to scrolling vertically.

still happening to me on my mouse… again, this did not happen in Cubase 12

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Any update in this?

If you want help from other users, tell us what mouse it is.

To be clear those are not commands, just keystrokes.

Logitech G703 -

these tool modifiers worked flawlessly in C12, would appreciate a remedy if you’re offering one.

To note * pressing tool modifier keys on my laptop keyboard while scrolling with the mousewheel do work fine. It’s the mapped buttons on my mouse that still get stuck in their zoom type until clicking somewhere on the screen - again, this did not happen at all in C12.

Nothing to do with the mouse.

It is 100% a Cubase 13 bug. How I know?

  1. Didn’t occur with Cubase 12
  2. Other users reporting exactly the same ‘scroll getting stuck in horizontal scroll mode’ issue.

Steinberg, please fix.

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Annoying bug bump.

Horizontal scroll doesn’t work almost at all for me, apart from what seems like brief half-second reactions, very rarely and with no apparent cause.

Same Problem with Logitec MX master mouse. Cubase 12 was fine… the cmd key on mouse works for other functions in Cubase 13… It just doesn’t work in combination with scroll wheel… It’s so convenient so I’d appreciate help/fix a lot.

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same problem here.

this sticky ‘horizontal scroll’ thing is very annoying.

I expect horizontal scrolling to occur only while holding Shift.

It seems if I use shift in any key command combination with the Logitech MX master mouse, the scrolling gets stuck in horizontal scroll as if Shift is still pressed.

No such problems in C12