Cubase 13 mouse scroll wheel bug!

My mouse has 2 buttons that I’ve mapped to key commands: ‘shift’ and ‘command’. That way I can scroll and zoom with one hand.

While these worked completely fine in Cubase 12, in Cubase 13, they get stuck on whatever key I’m using to zoom!

Shift + mousewheel scrolls horizontally, but when I let go of the button, it’s STUCK in horizontal scroll!

Command + mousewheel, zooms in and out. After clicking the button, my mousewheel is stuck in that zoom feature!

Is there a way to fix this?!

Mouse wheel scrolling bug here too on Cubase 13, it would occasionally get stuck on horizontal scrolling with no apparent reason, until i will click somewhere and then i would go back to scrolling vertically.

still happening to me on my mouse… again, this did not happen in Cubase 12