Cubase 13: Mouse Wheel does not work on Pre Gain

When i hover over the “Gain” Parameter in the Pre-Rack, i can’t change it with the mouse wheel. This worked fine in Cubase 12

Hmm works here.


How is the settings of the new preference on your side, please?

Preferences > Editing > Project & MixConsole > Scrolling: Prevent Mode Wheel to Modify Parameter (or something like this; I’m writing it from to of my head, sorry)? By default this new preferences is enabled.

Hi Martin.Jirsak. i had this problem and YES it is Preferences > Editing > Project & MixConsole > vertical scrolling: disable mouse wheel for parameter change uncheck it.

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Thanks! That worked, i didn’t know this existed and i guess cubase 13 just has it turned off by default.