Cubase 13 No metronome sound

I recently upgraded to a trial of Cubse 13 from Cubase 10pro and I can not get any sound from the metronome and I have enabled and disabled the Control Panel but still no sound. I am working on a Macbook pro M1. Please Help

The Metronome also has a Level Control, make sure it’s turned up.


Thank you for the quick reply, that has already been checked and isn’t the issue. Is there something else?


In control room, you can set up where the click gets sent too. All other settings are done within the metronome settings dialog.

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Also check Audio click Output

Has anyone had an issue when recording, the metronome sounds off during the count-in as expected, but then goes silent during the actual recording part? I’ve dealt with this from time to time and can’t figure out what’s going on.

How did you manage to show the volume value in the Control Room? Mine only shows a few icons that I could click to activate/deactivate the function.

Mine looks like this, but only when it is in the Right Zone, either in the Project or MixConsole Windows. But when in a standalone Window the levels aren’t there.


There’s a trick to getting the click level fader to appear. You have to click on the gray bar where it says Main and Stereo. One of the more befuddling aspects of the Cubase UI.

I absolutely love Cubase, but its UI has become poorer, which is a huge turn down for me. I won’t update to a newer version anymore, as every single version adds more bugs, instead of solving the ones that the DAW already had. It’s such a shame…

Oh, that works. And it does makes sense. Since we can have multiple sets of Monitor Speakers you’d want to have the ability to set the Levels independently for each set. And in order to do that you need to Select the Monitors first.

Except this ain’t a bug, it’s a perfectly reasonable design choice when you think about it.

It’s not a bug per se, but it’s not intuitive at all. Nowadays, the users need the softwares to be really intuitive. No one is interested in using a software with a huge learning curve. That’s why many people has migrated from Cubase to Studio One.

By the way, I was able to active it.

Hmmm, I’d have to disagree that it makes sense. Look at your screenshot. That gray bar above the Mix button you click on to toggle the display doesn’t even look like a button, let alone provide any kind of a clue that pressing it hides the controls.

One way it could be changed to make sense is if it looked like the inspector zones with a flippy to show it toggles the display of controls below it, and if those controls were contiguous with it.

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+1! Totally agree with you!