Cubase 13 not receiving sound from Apollo twin x quad

Hi, new user of Cubase 13 with Apollo twin x quad. I’m trying to record a guitar track. Plugged into the hiz input, getting sound out of monitors, sound is registering on uad console meter and on audio interface meter. When creating track, Selecting mic/line/hiz ch1. No audio registers on armed newly created track/nothing shows up on track meter in Cubase. I have enabled mic on Cubase in mac privacy settings. In Cubase 13 there is a small meter on the far bottom right of the screen next to then metronome - the meter shows activity when I strum the guitar.

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Try to turn the Gain of the input up, please.

Hi Martin thanks for the reply. I got back on to work on it again and it was working - the only thing I can think of is the mac privacy setting for the microphone hadn’t taken effect yet (despite restarting computer). Not sure but glad it’s now working

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