Cubase 13 not showing Stereo Out!

I’m using Cubase 13 with my midi control surface (iCon Pro Audio V1M and V1X).

All channels in Cubases Mix Console appears on the iCon units with no problem EXCEPT the STEREO OUT does not display on the iCons.

In Logic Pro 10 and 11, the stereo out appears on my control surface display.

In Studio One 6, the stereo out appears on my control surface display.

But when using Cubase 13, the Stereo Out does not show on my iCon Pro Audio units display.

IF I move the master fader on my V1-M, the Stereo Out in Cubase fader does respond and move accordingly, but again the Stereo Out from Cubase does NOT display on my V1-M.



Do you use iCon as the Macke Control, or do you use the MIDI Remote Script, please?

Mackie control

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The original Mackie Control device didn’t have a display (if this is, what you mean). Therefore Cubase doesn’t send the Output display data.

All mixer channels show on my control surfaces except the stereo out.


What do you mean by “show”, please? Fader 9 should control the Stereo Out fader. That’s it, there are no more functions for the output.

See 3 images attached.

Image #1:
shows my V1-M and V1-X displays. The displays directly correspond to what Cubase 13 mixer is showing from Channel 1 (piano) all the way to the right showing (Rear Bus) channel.

Image #2
shows my V1-M display which correspond to my EFX channels inside cubase. Notice the highlighted “yellow” box. This is where the “stereo out” from Cubase mixer should be shown but it does not show! That is the problem I’m seeking help with. Why is the stereo out not showing. When I use Logic or Studio One my V1-M or V1-X will show the “stereo out” channel on the display but Cubase does not show it.

Image #3:
Shows the corresponding mixer channels in the Cubase mixer.


As I mentioned already:

So explain why when I use my V1M with Logic Pro and Studio One 6 the stereo out channel shows on my V1M display???


Because the other DAWs implemented it, even if it didn’t make sense for the Mackie Control hardware.

Something so basic should have been added 10 years ago in Cubase.
Cubase 13 is still functioning with a 1700s design mindset.