Cubase 13 -> Pop-up windows don't respond to arrow keys

  • Open new session
  • Import several audio files
  • Get a pop-up, asking whether to place the files in the same or separate tracks
  • Press arrow key to move to the 2nd option
  • The pop-up doesn’t respond/receive the arrow key

2023-11-23 18_08_47-Cubase Pro Project - Untitled1

This issue is common across all such pop-ups on my Win10 machine (save session, etc) and is a degradation from Cubase 12 (where pop-up receives the arrow keys).

As I usually navigate the disk with the keyboard it can save some time if the pop-up can be closed without moving the mouse :slight_smile:

yes, I have the same issue.

I also have the problem with the right/left arrows in Melodyne in ARA, instead of moving inside the window it moves in the project itself, it’s not always like that, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t

It turns out that the reason for this is that the Hub is open in the background, when I close it the problem is solved, the whole Hub thing needs improvement in Cubase 13 as is known

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