Cubase 13: Primary Parameter: Increase/Decrease

Primary Parameter: Increase/Decrease commands are not working for faders in the mixer console any more? Why?
It was the only way to adjust channel volume with constant increment of 1dB and 0.1dB. With Up/Down arrows (holding Ctrl+Shift).
Did Steinberg just omitted such useful feature or did they made it working some other way?
And this, among all other, such a disappointment…


This is a known issue and it’s going to be fixed in the 1st maintenance update.


Was it fixed? Cause still doesn’t work for me after an update

Does not work here either.

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This should be fixed in the 1st maintenance update (Cubase 13.0.20). Do you have the latest update installed?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the quick reponse…

I have Installed that update.
It always worked fine on my lap top, but not on the tower, so I tried 2 things an got it working on the tower this morning.

1 - Windows update. I don’t think this was the fix though. I was on 22h2 updated 2024-01
2- I opened the RNB template file, and the volume and pan worked.
I then opened my project file, and the keys worked as they should.

Closed file, Quit Cubase, and reopened my project file a few times. All is good.

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Just an additional note to my response - My project was created using 13.0.1 not 13.0.2

I am not able to remote control primary parameter increase / decrease for volume control on the selected track. Keyboard shortcuts work…
The respective midi CC are being seen by the control surface editor, however when mapped to the PP inc / dec it does not do anything on the selected track… this is the same for mixer lower window and mixer full screen. I made sure the respective window has focus. Any thoughts?