Cubase 13 pro Audio Connections

Hi. This has been happening for some time now- in Cubase 12 and now Cubase 13. When I open a saved project or create a new project, my Audio Connections are gone or different. I still can see my RME interface hardware connections but the connections within Cubase are showing as ‘not connected’ and any names I have given the output channels in the control room just become Monitor 1, Monitor 2 and Monitor 3. I have tried on countless occasions to save presets but these will disappear after a few days. I have tried copying over over the appropriate xml file but my presets are not there when I restart. It’s wearing a bit thin now as I have to input and change my audio connections almost every time I start a new or existing project. Does anyone else have this problem. I’m using Cubase 13 (latest version) - RME Fireface UCX (latest version). I’m on Windows 10 pro (v 10.0.19045 Build 19045) with Dual Xeon and 128gB RAM. Any thoughts. Cheers Jon


Is this setting the only one, which disappears, or can you observe the same behaviour with other settings too?

Hi Martin. The audio connections presets disappear for Input / Output (although these aren’t connected because I’m using the Control Room) / External FX / External Instruments and the Control Room. I have to set them all up again and create another preset - which disappears after a couple of days. VERY annoying!!!


I mean other settings like for example your custom Key Commands, colour scheme, window layouts, etc.

My question leads to the point, if the whole Cubase preferences folder doesn’t become deleted.

Hi Martin. No its just the audio connections that are lost. My custom meter settings, my own macros, logical editor presets etc are unchanged. Jon

Interesting. I also have an RME (original UFX) and sometimes in Cubase 12 Pro I load a song and get no audio at all, even though all the input and output connections ARE reported as normal. I usually have to close the song and reopen to fix, but sometimes have to close Cubase fully then reopen. I haven’t used 13 Pro in anger yet to see if problem happens there too.

Hi Eddie. It probably will. It was doing it in Cubase 12 for me too. I’m beginning to wonder whether its the RME fireface and not Cubase

Everywhere you read about RME legendary rock solid drivers, but on my PC which is well built with good spec and components I sometimes have to restart or reboot to get audio from the RME. Not just with Cubase. Not very often but enough to prove that nothing in computer land is ever 100% perfect. Overall though it has been a great interface.

Hey JonnoRAS,

I use two RME UFX, with maybe 30 outboard devices. Loosing audio connections was a big problem, you could imagine.

My quick solution - if you on PC.

Run %appdata% → Roaming → Steinberg-> Cubase 12 or 13

Then below, in the folder you would see External Plugins .xml file. This is all your Audio Connections. First, if it works, save them on your desktop. You could move them back into this folder anytime and restore your lost connections, at least it works for me.

Another way is completely delete it, restart Cubase, configure all your connection anew and save them in the separate folder again, that will be your back if you loose connections again.

MIDI devices .bin in this folder is a list of all your Program Change MIDI maps, just in case. I hope it helps.

I have M1 but I never used it for outboard, just for some small projects but I could imaging it is in the similar folder.

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Hi Peter. Thanks for this. I’ll give this a try… I didn’t realise the file was in the roaming folder. I’ve been saving the RAM presets from the Cubase 13 program files. No wonder it never worked. Just one question, what do you mean when you talk about the Midi devices bin? Does this have any impact on the audio connections? Thanks again Jon


MIDI Devices.bin doesn’t affect Audio Connections in any way. However, if you use any outboard reverb or delay with Program Change scripts - this is where your scripts are.