Cubase 13 Pro - Breath Controller (CC2) shows activity in Transport Bar but not in track

Hello, I’m trying to get a Breath Controller to work with Cubase 13 Pro. It’s a TECcontrol 2. When I use it, it shows midi activity on the Transport Bar at the bottom right, but doesn’t show midi activity on the track. The breath controller, sends CC2 events but it doesn’t effect the volume. When recording, the CC2 events show up in the midi editor.
I’ve googled my ass off and can’t find any thing close to answering this. So I’m assuming it’s something incredibly simple and I’m just missing it.

Thanks for your help. Tee
Also, this is the first time I’ve posted on a forum. For what that’s worth.

Welcome, @Tee_Templeton !

So, essentially the breath controller is working fine (since you get CC2 data on the MIDI track), but it seems that CC2 has zero effect on the sound that you are trying to play?

What virtual instrument are you trying to control? Can you use the instrument’s settings to set CC2 to control the parameter you want? Volume, cut-off, breath?

Hey ggm,
thanks for the quick response. I’m trying to control Halion Sonic - Studio Strings. I’ve gone through all the settings and I can’t figure it out. When I use the keyboard for the sound, it plays and the midi activity shows up in the transport bar and the track. That doesn’t happen with the TECcontrol 2. Tee

It depends on what you want to control.

First, I would make sure that All MIDI Inputs is enabled for the track, so that both the keyboard and the TEC make it into the track.

Then, if it’s volume we want to control here, I would come here:

[Right click on Level]

and Learn CC for each layer.

What are you clicking on to get to that pop up window?

I see it

Okay I got it! It’s mostly in the TEControl App.

  • From there, I needed to change the MIDI CC field from “2: BreathControl” to " 7: Channel Volume".
  • Then I needed to crank up the volume on the track and also in Halion Sonic so I could hear the difference.
  • Also I needed to shut off the valve on the controller so more breath would get fed into the Channel Volume.

Thanks so much. I’ve been trying to figure this out for 2 days. This helped me bump into the answer.

Thanks again!, Tee

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