Cubase 13 Pro crashing incessantly upon startup - Any ideas?

Hi everyone -

I am having major problems with Cubase 13 Pro crashing when I try to open a project (any project). It will attempt to load the project, act like it’s loading the project and then just disappear. Sometimes it will load the project and then disappear after a split second. Other times I will get the ‘application terminated unexpectedly’ dialog box, then load the project without preferences, close Cubase and load the project again. If I’m lucky it will load…usually after about 15 trys or more. It’s maddening. This used to happen occasionally with Cubase 12 but since I switched to Cubase 13 it’s happening every time I try to use Cubase.

I am adding the dump files here in the hopes that one of you kind persons might be able to help me out.

Thanks so much,

Cubase13_2024-05-03T16-12-31.xml (662.9 KB)
Cubase13_2024-05-03T16-12-31.xml (662.9 KB)
Cubase13_2024-05-03T16-12-31.xml (662.9 KB)
Cubase12_2022_Apr_22_13_24_19.xml (803.9 KB)
Cubase12_2022_Apr_22_13_24_19.xml (803.9 KB)

Hi, @jonji

The files that you joined aren’t crashdumps : these should have either a .dmp extension (Windows - located in C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps) or an .ips one (MacOS - located in a more or less similar path, I guess).

Beside this, have you changed something in your setup, since starting to use C13 ? Usually it’s a faulty plug-in that doesn’t act as expected. I would try to launch Cubase with eventually a new set of program preferences and with the Deactivate all third party plug-ins option checked. Then, try to use Cubase for a while starting from a completely new blank project (or a functional template one), and check in the VST Plug-in Manager if there isn’t something unexpected in the Blocklist.

This, as a first troubleshooting step…

Thanks much for taking the time to answer me Cubic 13.
I mistakenly grabbed my Eucon xml’s instead of my dmp files , mostly because I’m an idiot and didn’t browse to the correct folder to grab the files, but I indeed thought I was uploading my dmp files.
The dmp files I meant to upload are the ones from C:\Users
folder with names like Cubase13.exe.3620.dmp which also had today’s time stamps but unfortunately, all of those are over 4mb so I can’t upload them here.

I’ve added a couple DMP files from the C:\Users[username]\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps folder from a week or so ago when I was having the same issue. There weren’t any dmp files from today in that folder which I find odd.

Cubase 13.0.30 64bit2024.4.25 (533.5 KB)
Cubase 13.0.30 64bit 2024.4.25 (537.7 KB)

I had also tried with the Deactivate all third party plug-ins checked previously and I still had issues. I will definitely double check the blocklist again though.

Thanks much!

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You can upload them to Dropbox or Google Drive, or some other cloud and post a share link here.

The two dump files you have uploaded point to the eLicenser software, they show a crash in SNSOACC.dll, which is part of the eLicenser.

Have you updated the eLicenser Control Center to the latest version? You can try to start the Download Assistant and see if it installs new releases of the included utilities (eLicenser, Activation Manager, etc.)

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Not sure of that… :thinking:

OK. So, the issue is somewhere else, and @JuergenP comment is probably accurate. Can’t say more about it, as I’m completely unable to check what’s in a .dmp file… :blush:

Yep, as usually, the SDA installs automatically the latest eLicenser Control Center version and updates itself, if needed, when launching it (with administrator rights).

Thanks much to both of you for your replies. I’m still having this issue persistently and it appears that it is happening on any project I load.
Sometimes after the initial attempt to open the project it will load on the second try with the “Use current program preferences” selected in safe mode. Otherwise I have to load with “Disable program preferences” then close Cubase and try the original CPR for one to a dozen or more times until it finally loads (if it loads at all).

Here is my Google Drive folder link to the dmp files for the past two days
from C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\CrashDumps

Thanks much for sharing your expertise!