Cubase 13 pro crashing randomly especially when opening Kontakt libraries, same as pro 12 version

Cubase 13 pro crashing randomly especially when opening Kontakt libraries, same as pro 12 version but more often so far.

I upgraded from 12 pro to 13 pro a few weeks ago, already crashed more than 10 times same way, when click a Kontakt library to load, hourglass then whole cubase disappears. Next load, asking to send logs to Cubase etc. I feel like it got worse in 13 compared to 12.
I use Windows 10 Home 64 bit, Ryzen 7 2700 8 core CPU, 32 GB RAM, 1TB NVRam SSD

By the way, I liked how they have changed the way cubase closes showing steps being processed, unloading libraries. Earlier, it was like click close and wait for a while that I was monitoring windows task manager to see program and tasks have been completely removed to make sure cubase closed.

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Attach the *.dmp files, please.

Hi Martin, thank you for your help.

7 crash dmp files too big to attach, here is the link:

I have 144 more dmp files with Cubase12 pro for further inspections if you need to have, FYI

If Kantakt is crashing often it can be an issue with the kontakt cache file that kontakt creates. Make sure you only use the same version everytime/everywhere also standalone vst3 and vst2. So exact 7.6.1 for all v7 versions and 6.7.0 (or whatever) for all K6 etc. If a different version is started kontakt tries to create a new cache file but it will crash. Next start will be ok then most of the time. You can read about it on the NI kontakt forum in the pinned post, what if kontakt crashes lol. You can also manually delete the cache files, location is on the kontakt forum mentioned. Hope it helps!


All the crashes look the same:


Please, get in touch with the NI support.

I’m having the same exact problem…Cubase crashes when i load kontakt instrument…Could someone please check my dmp file to see if it is problem with kontakt or cubase or something else?

It doesn’t happen every single time i load instrument but it often does.


Make sure, you have the latest Kontakt 7.7 update installed, please.

Reported to Steinberg.

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Yes i do have it installed. Tried with older and new versions. I guess it’s a cubase thing and my specific system?


Indeed, the crash is in Cubase.

I tried to update the Nvidia graphics drivers and got this message after the PC restarted.

I guess i’m gonna go solve this problem then :slight_smile:

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