Cubase 13 Pro -> Midi remote Control FCB1010 -> NI Guitar RIG 7

Dear all,

I use NI guitar rig 7 pro as a VST insert in Cubase 13 pro on a MacBook for live gigs, among many other playbacks and VST tracks for live Mics, keys, bass, and drums.

I connected Behringer FCB1010 over Midi to a Cubase 13 Midi Control configured in Cubase.

I use Guitar Rig VST quick Controls to switch Marko functions in Guitar Rig 7 pro, such as a preset volume, macros for effects, and program change.

All works well as long the Guitar Rig 7 Pro windows have the mouse’s focus.

As soon I give the focus by clicking on another window to another window, the control in guitar RIG is frozen to the latest point before I move the window focus to another window.

I want the control always to be effective for the guitar rig, even if the Guitar Rig 7 VST window is not opened or does not have the focus.

Could somebody please be so kind and help me make that happen?

BR Siegfried


It looks like you are using the Focus Quick Controls. You can use the Track Controls. Then the given track must be selected, but not the window in the focus.

Hi Siegfried

you can keep it as Focus Quick Controls but lock the focus quick controls to Guitar Rig 7, when you have your Guitar Rig 7 Plugin window open, its the little padlock icon on the upper right side, right in between the QC knob and the colored box, once its locked then you still will be able to control your Guitar Rig with your FCB1010, even when the plugin window is closed

on a downside, you cannot use focus quick control for a different plugin anymore

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Dear Martin and Exoslime, Thank you for your great help! I chose the lock focus as the solution that serves my needs perfectly! BR Siegfried