Cubase 13 Pro Mix console

When I move a fader in the mix console, it immediately moves to 0 and can’t be moved down. As a result I can’t use the mixer. Nothing mentioned in the manual. Who can help?

Simply check if there is automation data accidentally written to the track and if ‘Read’ button is on.

No automation anywhere!

Are you sure? The symptom you describe happens when a channel is set to read its volume automation.
You can right-click on the track and select “Show used automation (selected track)” to display the active automation.

No automation! It’s even worse, when I try to fill in data at the bottom of the channel, Cubase crashes!!! I want my version 10 back! Much, much better, much easier and faster!

Turn off the read automation button (green R) and hit play are you still seeing this behaviour?
Is this happening when you load cubase and start a new project or during an existing project?
Have you tried to delete cubase prefs?

All the best.

Thanks for the help! It happens with existing and new files. I tried the same song in 10 and everything was ok.
Where do I delete the prefs?

Problem solved!!! It was delete all information, volume! Thanks to everyone!

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Good stuff!

All the best.

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