Cubase 13 Pro - so many dropouts but

when you listen to the recording the dropouts are not being recorded it’s only during live playing when you are recording. note I do not do live performances

I tried the same project in cubase 12 pro and there are no dropout issues at all when playing And recording live.

all of my drivers are updated and my desktop tower computer with 64 gigs ram and 13 TB is adequate enough to run my projects. my sample rate with my focusrite audio interface 18i8 is at 256 buffers. I have tried 512 buffers and still the same problem with respect to dropouts

I hope that Steinberg is looking into this.

Alan Russell

Pc or Mac?

PC. Windows 11 I am in the developers program

Most likely it’s a misconfiguration at your system.

So you have to configure differently your system with C13 than with C12?

Be very specific in what you’re saying

“most likely”? based on what?


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No… But if you dont add C13 to your antivirus exceptions list the chances are your anti Virus app will be break dancing to your beats!

I´ve already done it and still have a worst performance.

Do you have background apps handshaking with your NIC/Wifi

As many others as well, I also can confirm that C13 maxes out earlier and drops out more often than C12, talked to a developer short time ago and they are aware and trying to get it fixed. There are huge threads about it as well.

@st10ss No need to be so unhelpful. There are quite some threads open about it:

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Really , Oooh so that’s why Steinberg are trying to implement fixes ? I had better tell them to stop then as it’s everyone having the wrong settings going form C12 to C13 . Steinberg STOP … ST’s found the solution


no afaik, I have Windows 10 fully optimized for music production.

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My systems have always been high end and optimised for Music production but if you have a nic with bad drivers or just crap nic this can cause high DPC spikes on the system. Seen this all too many times.

anyway here the discussion is about performance compared to previous versions, with every new upgrade Cubase eats more CPU, using the same nic, that is a fact.

The NIC is a network card what does that have to do with Cubase. my entire system is wired to my DAW.

I experience the same problem. Computer still the same as using Cubase 12, Updated to 13 and may issues, I’m looking into StudioOne as we speak while Cubase sort out the issues. Glitches and dropouts while recording. Seems the dropout noise is in the track when exported via Audio mix down. Hoping and waiting desperately for an maintenance update. Glitches seems to be ok after settings changed as mentioned in one of the other chats regards to glitches. But dropouts remains. (Gentle scratchy spike sounds while recording)

I just reinstalled Cubase 12 from the download assistant and no issues as with Cubase 13. I also purchased StudioONe and run a Test. Played for my wife and she says without me adding anything that the recording quality sounds a lot more clear than from Cubase 13. And she is only a general music listener and not an artist or engineer.

I love Cubase and really do not want to use something else if I’m not forced to. I’m also not the person that use old outdated software therefor If Steinberg can not come up with a solution I will have to learn and start using other Daw’s.