Cubase 13 pro VST 3 Plugins not scanning in Plug-in Manager

idk im confused, I took this opportunity to relocate some plugins installing Cubase Pro 13 and the plugin manager is not scanning vst 3 plugins in the new folders when I add the file path. I am not sure what the fix is.

Put the VST3s back to the default folder. They will not work anywhere else.

Plug in manager will automatically scan that folder.


Just double confirming that VST2 did not specify any particular folder for VST’s but the VST3 spec does, and it’s non-negotiable. :slight_smile:

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ahh this is a bit of a bummer. yeah I just uninstalled and reinstalled. all my Antares unlimited, Arturia, and Native instruments stuff. I wish I could put the VSTs anywhere I want drive wise… I really dislike having my C drive house anything but my Windows OS. but it is what it is I guess.

thank you for the information. I did not realize the file organization changed between VST2 and 3. I might have to install VST2 versions of what I can… cause I def prefer to choose where I put my plugins folder wise and drive wise. even the downloads for some manufactures force you to put everything on the C drive its so lame tbh. I just like my C drive to be my boot drive only. I have 3 other SSDs installed for plugins etc.

If you are anal about not wanting VST3 where it should be, due to it being executable, you can create links, but ultimately that can be more confusing IMO.

You could do that for now. But soon Cubase will not support VST2. Then your only hope is that someone create a wrapper.