Cubase 13 Pro - Won't Save My Key Commands

Everytime I’m trying to save a preset or anything on key commands, it just won’t save, it says it changes to a new preset but once I exit the window, the default keys are coming back. why? I am so frustrated.

I just want to use Pro Tools keybinds on Cubase 13, why is it so hard? I paid hundreds for this DAW and I’m thinking about refunding it.

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Did you call the Pro Tools preset or did you make a custom changes in the existing default preset? If you did the custom setting, which function did you assign and which Key Command? Did you confirm by the OK button?

It really doesn’t matter.
I have brand new clean install Cubase 13 Pro

I go into Key Assignments and then any preset I choose just wont stay or actually swith the keybonds at all

  • The keybinds do change on the screen but won’t actually refresh or work, no matter what I do.

no preset works.

Can confirm Key Commands are buggy.

  • If Cubase crashes, key commands will revert to previous version, not last saved for some reason.

  • Some shortcut keys are not searchable and instead execute

  • impossible to delete key commands when they are part of multiple because the delete function deletes them all and you don’t get a list

  • difficult to see all the shortcuts assigned to a single command because they aren’t in a list

  • adding new commands to a macro makes the screen jump completely out of position

  • you can’t search for combination strings, has to be consecutive

  • you can’t search for macros in the macro section


This wokrs as expected. If Cubase doesn’t quit properly, it doesn’t store any preferences foles, including Key Commands.

Could you us give concrete example, please?

What do you mean by “part of multiple”, please?

I can see all assigned Key Commands to the given function here on my side.

What exactly do you mean, please? Could you write an example, please?

This is not a bug, it’s a feature request.


I’m sorry, I don’t know Pro Tools, so I don’t know the exact Key COmmands, I should try. So far, tried the Zoom In/Out and Play. These are working as expected on my side (i.e. the Pro tools keys). Could you give me an exact Pro Tools Key Command + function, I can test after choosing the preset, please?

Very simple one is Cmd+Q, I just tried it via shortcut search and it wanted to quit Cubase. You also found examples of this, here: Key commands shortcut command search - some don't search and instead always execute - #8 by Martin.Jirsak

more than one shortcut assigned to a single command. The trash/delete button will want to delete them all at once.

You have to search for consecutive words as they appear in the name of the command, otherwise the search fails. You can’t search for, e.g. “Channel+Hide”

Please see screenshot: can’t see all the assigned shortcuts – it is not a list but a truncated text in one hard to read box.

Do you have previous versions of cubase installed? There has been some issues with those preferences. If so you could try removing/backuping older preferences. Might be worth to try.


Ah, sorry, I forgot this one. OK, this is a known issue by know, reported to Steinberg.

I see. You mean the use case when multiple Key Commands are assigned to the function, then you cannot remove only one of the assignment. I can confirm this. Reported to Steinberg.

I see. This is current limitation.

I see. You would expect a scrollbar, here. Right?

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I change the key commands preset to Pro Tools. on the screen I can see the key configure change to another.

But when I try to actually press or do something with the new preset it seems to not change at all.

Plus, when I try to manually change a specific function or a key, I can’t seem to do it.

I try to press on the keybind and choosing a new key by either pressing it or writing it, but it doesn’t work.

It still doesn’t work
All I want to do is change my keyboard preset to the ProTools one.