Cubase 13 problem!

Just bought an upgrade from cub 12 pro to Cub 13 pro registered it and activated!But when I start it up it loads till it start loading 3th party fx and instruments and then crashes and vanishes from my screen!Cant find what is the problem!Already reinstalled it and still the same problem!Cubase 12 pro loads all the plugins without any problem!

hope you can help me out so I can start using Cub 13 pro!Thanks in advance
Cubase 13.0.10 64bit2023.11.3 (1.1 MB)
Cubase 13.0.10 64bit2023.11.3 (1.1 MB)
Cubase 13.0.10 64bit2023.11.3 (1.1 MB)

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Can you please upload the dmp file here. Without that it is just wild guessing what happens.

where is the dmp file stored?I have windows pro 10!thanks

if Cubase creates a dmp file it will normally tell you when starting Cubase again then you can choose to send it to Steinberg and/or open the folder location.
it is found here: C:\Users\username\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps

just uploaded it!


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.


Already done!


All 3 crashes are exactly the same:


Neither Cubase nor plug-in is mentioned at all.

I would try to reinstall Cubase in this case. Please, install it as administrator.

Just de-installed and then reinstalled as administrator,and also the start shortcut is as administrator started!Still same problem!

made new latest dumps before it crashes if I disable 3th party plugins on startup preferences it starts!But I want all my 3th party plugins to run!Seems dump is too big to upload here its bigger then 4mb!!

Also cubase 12 pro starts always in safe mode I see now maybe somthing to do with that!
Cubase 64bit 2023.11.3 (1.5 MB)

It seems like the error code in the dmp file SOFTWARE_NX_FAULT_c0000005_kernel32 is related to some graphics driver issues.

@Spookyricky what graphics adapter do you have and what packages are installed. Some drivers specific for gaming are known to cause problems. Maybe you can try to get some more recent drivers here.

The freeze dump is caused by a plugin

Try removing it and see if Cubase 12 starts cleanl after that.

Thanks,its working!Was watching on the startup which vst was loading and did Cub 13 pro to crash, when it was starting and found out which one it was I deleted the plugin sound radix allign,and now its working!Thanks again!



I’m back because of these 3 files… After further investigation, it looks, like the crash has something to do with Melodyne or Komplete Kontrol S-Series.

Do you have any of these components active, please? Could you try to remove one and try to start Cubase? Does it start? Could you try to remove the other one and start Cubase? Does it start? Which component did you have to remove, to make Cubase 13 working, please?

Thank you

Melodyne is active in the main thread, while the crash happened, that might be a hint, that the crash is caused by Melodyne.vst3 (version If can get hold on the plugin binary, the dump might resolve better. Maybe Melodyne is interested in the dump as well. I commented the Jira issue @Martin.Jirsak.

I have already encountered this error 3 times in 2 days of using the newly installed version. I would like to find a solution to this problem, otherwise it’s a pity, of course, but first impressions begin to deteriorate greatly.

Crash screen:
Screenshot 2024-04-23 214656

OS: Windows 11, 23H2 (build 22631.3447)

System screen:

Crash Dumps:
Cubase 13.0.30 64bit2024.4.22 (1,2 МБ)
Cubase 13.0.30 64bit2024.4.23 (982,5 КБ)
Cubase 13.0.30 64bit2024.4.23 (1,3 МБ)

Hi and welcome to the forum,

When did these crashes happen? What were the last step you did before the crash, please? Can you always reproduce it?


This crash is in OsTIrus plug-in.

The other two are in Cubase. In two different areas.

Hi, thx.

I’m aware of it. I found a message on the forum about the WinDbg program, opened a .dmp file with it, and noticed that the last error occurred due to the OsTIrus plugin. As for those two files, unfortunately, I didn’t find any error there caused by a specific plugin, and even ChatGPT couldn’t help me. I can only speculate that all the errors occurred when I pressed Ctrl+Z (Undo), but I can’t guarantee it 100%. Additionally, I can’t reproduce the error either. Yesterday, I attempted to use Undo and Redo, but unfortunately, nothing seemed to work out. That’s why I’m reaching out here, hoping for assistance, as I’d rather not have such an experience as my first.