Cubase 13 - problems with OPTICAL signal

Hi, everyone…I am new on forum, and please help me with some problem.
I bought the update for Cubase 12 pro to Cubase 13 pro. I have Apogee Element 46 connected with optical cable with my Korg Kronos (on I Mac Studio) and everything is working fine on Cubase 12 , but on Cubase 13 I have problem, Cubase just don t see a optical signal. Has anyone solved the problem or had a same problem?

Thanks, Ivan

It’s the Apogee that should see it. Have you checked you are using the right driver and connections are setup. So you have a separate app for the interface?

Hi, Cubase see Apogee, and I just try to record a track (vocal), input and output are ok, bus is ok, but signal is coming on Apogee but on Cubase 13 noup.
If there are problem with driver Cubase would not work properly on Cubase12


Hi ,

I just solved the problem, on I Mac in settings you need to enable the microphone.