Cubase 13 - project color settings not saved

Hi all,

when changing the project colors (which is much needed), and then set to be used as default colors, they are reset the next time Cubase is launched.
Can anyone confirm ?

Working as expected here. I loaded an older project that has my preferred colours, set them as default, they loaded up properly next time I opened C13.
Did you click the Apply button when setting as Default? I know it’s obvious but sometimes we forget.

Color menu is working ok here on Mac. My problem is that I can’t actually change track colours any more.

Thank you both for the input !

I just tried again to make sure, clicked apply, same again. Cubase restarts with the default colors :neutral_face:
It does save them along with a project though. So a workaround would be a template.

I can’t change it in the inspector anymore as well in C13, but you can do so from the color menu (select track(s), then color).
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