Cubase 13 project icons are empty

Hello. After my update to Cubase 13 from 12 my project icons are empty now.
Windows 10.

When I choose the Cubase aplication it was a fully Cubase icons which is also so strange.

How I can do it like on my mac? On my mac it’s look ok

I am sure that correct view is here… but how I can do it?

So, nobody?

What do you have in this window ([right-click] > Properties > General panel in Windows Explorer)] ?

(Sorry for the french labels…)

At this way I got the icon like at picture 2…
So it’s a fully Cubase logo and it’s not correctly…


I’m not a Windows user, but I believe, this is the issue. You have to set up, Cubase is the application, where you want to open the *.cpr files.

Thanks. But seems that it’s the same way which Cubic13 mean… oh. So strange…

Right-click on a cpr file;
Select “Open With…”;
Select “Choose Another App”;
Check the “Always use this app” checkbox;
Click on “More Apps”;
Scroll all the way down until you see “look for another app on this PC”;
Click that and navigate to the Cubase executable and select it (C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 13\Cubase13.exe);