Cubase 13 Projects get corrupted

Cubase 13 after working on a project suddenly project is corrupt pops up.
It’s not possible to save the project after. Had to go back to BAK files.
However this is already the 4th time this happened.
Also cubase stopped saving bak files for 45 minutes so lost more progress.

i9 11th gen
windows 10

Where are you saving your project files to? Is it an external drive or internal? Cloud saving?

Also what regularity do you have your Auto Saves set to?

saving internal, auto save to 5 minutes

No issues with the internal drives at all? Is your internal drive synced to an online cloud too or internal only?

Do you have scheduled backups while Cubase works?

No issues with the drive, its not synced with a cloud.

I do backups manually


Sorry to hear your project has been corrupted. Would it be possible to send me your corrupted project in a PM via weteansfer?


The Corrupt message showed up while in the project, after that i could not save the project anymore, so this means there is no actual CPR file saved which was corrupted.

Hi I am having the same issues. I am working on a project (using someone else’s template and as soon as I put in any expression mapping I can no longer access my project. Even my BAK files will not open. I have looked around and the only two things I could find were that it could be a memory issue or that I need to rename my VST folders so that it stops looking for VST’s I don’t have installed. I am using windows but am trying to recover 4 sessions from this issue now. Any word?