Cubase 13 Q-Link not working anymore


how can i use q link to solo multiple selected tracks as in cubase 12?

when activating q-link with the keyboard shortcut its not soloing the tracks anymore, instead ins solo defeating the tracks now.

how can i change this setting back?

I just tried Q-Link in Cubase Pro 13, and it worked as expected for me.

HOWEVER, I always use Q-Link in the MixConsole, which is where it worked as expected. I wondered, though, if you might be selecting tracks in the Project window, then using Q-Link (which I only see available in the MixConsole window), then trying the solo from the Project window, and it does not solo the selected tracks there, only the one where I press the solo button. Since I’d never tried doing that in Cubase 12 or earlier, I don’t know how it would have worked there. (I do not have any keyboard shortcuts to toggle Q-Link on and off, so I had to turn it on in the MixConsole window.)

Same thing happen on my side
did you mange to resolve this issue fyahfox?

Same here. I can’t find the setting to revert this to the previous versions.

Same sht here.

no not yet. :frowning_face:
i hope they can fix it in their next update

If you select few channels and click SHIFT+ALT then release the ALT it works as before.

Same here. I was going crazy, glad to see I wasn’t alone. Hope this gets fixed.

Got the same problem on my MacBook, haven’t checked on my PC but I really, really hope it’s getting fixed. What started as a “huh, that’s annoying” turned into a big headache after you’ve spent hours in different projects with it. Constantly having to work around something that’s usually so simple and often used is contagious and spread throughout the workflow as a whole. Maybe it sounds dramatic but it can, after several hours, feel as you’re walking uphill, in the mud…

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they fixed it in the new update of cubase :pray:

thanks steinberg!

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