Cubase 13 ram/cpu issue

I was loading a project that I started working on from 12 into version 13, and I noticed alot of dropouts and problems rendering the audio out. So i checked my task manager to find that the desktop window manager application was taking much more ram and cpu than it ever has before.
I run Cubase with a windows 11 laptop and I checked Cubase 12 with the same project and with other applications and couldn’t find the dwi issue anywhere else.

I have everything up to date on my pc, and I am assuming that Cubase 13 is causing the dwi issue.

It went from 150mb in Cubase 12 to at the most 4000mb in version 13. The cpu also went up 10 percent for the application.

Also to add, when I close Cubase 13 the desktop window manager goes back to normal or decreases when Cubase is not showing on my screen or monitor.

If anyone has experienced this or has a solution, it would be greatly appreciated. I expect that it is early and there are some issues that need to be fixed with future updates.

Cubase 13 uses more CPU. However it works better with low-latency.
How much ram do you have? For me cubase uses 10 to 20 Gb ram.

You could try …
Cubase 13: random CPU spikes still here, is maddening - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Seems to be working for me .

Unfortunately C13 also maxes out on projects which ran fine on C12. Introducing audio drop outs, spikes and so on.

Screenshot 2023-11-05 121438


Same project, same settings. CPU and RAM use are identical, but still C13 doesn’t manage to play the project.
Trashed the prefs, on Windows Defender everything is whitelisted.

i7 8700K 32GB RAM

EDIT: a more detailed view to the adioperformance in C12:

and C13:

same happen to me with Windows 10, Ryzen 9

Yep still here , but reduced

Iam not sure it can help, but check in your BIOS for X.M.P and if it disable, switch to enable.
It just check your RAM references speed, so enable mean the good speed of your RAM.
Check my picture :

And for AMD people, they have to check for something like EXPO or AMD Extended Profiles (so not XMP)

Not sure it help but who know…

I wouldn’t advise this. The thing is that xmp not always working stable and it depends which ram? Is it on qvl list? How many moduels? And so on. If its working don’t touch it. Otherwise you can end up with boot loops error 55 etc etc.

The main logic is if C12 was performed good on same system/hardware, why C13 dont? Ok you can fiddle with options on C13 side but if its performing worse in the end than C12 thats it, maybe your hardware is outdated for C13. From my dawbench DSP tests on second studio 12900k C13 performs worse than C12 not by big margin but enough to be noticed.


I did try a few things but I still have the s

ame issue with cubase 13

I have an i5 processor with 16gb’s of ram. It is a still newer laptop as well

This problem only came from Cubase 13 running and it starts leaking the memory as I play the audio or move around in Cubase

I have a picture to show what I am referring to

As a few minutes go, it starts building and building up

Yep, just upgraded to CB13 from CB11, loaded up a recent project, not too intensive to my knowledge on plugins etc. CB13 cracking and popping, dropouts on playback. ASIO guard seems to be maxing out . Never had any problem on CB11. £170 to update, seems a waste of money now :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve worked in the field of Software for over 20 years and have not seen such a poor product be released. It’s as if it had no Quality Assurance. I’ve pained through a couple of mixes on 13 utilizing the heavy process of the new Voice Chain plugin (243.6ms Channel Latency). I don’t know how many times Cubase 13 has just crashed on me resulting to a bkup 14 or something OMG! The cpu spikes are killing me, and I’m only Mixing. And it’s not a lot of tracks, 40 or so. I’m not using any more plugins than the next guy. As a matter of fact I’m always conservative with 3ed party plugins if I can get by with Cubase’s own plugins, hence the use of the new Vocal Chain. And my processor is AMD Ryzen 5 5600x with 32 gigs of ram. I hate spending money on something I can’t use. I have to go back to using version 12 on the next mix. This is costing me time and money. I don’t have time to go looking for workarounds and such. I hope Steinberg get’s their act together and releases an update with all these fixes real SOON. But for now back to Cubase 12.

Desktop Window Manager seems to have high memory usage as well. That’s not helping.

Hi David,

We are sorry to hear about your crashes. Would you mind sending them to me in PM as well as ways to reproduce them? Thank you


It is impossible to work with these clips on CPU. In two Windows and a Mac Pro. With version 12 this did not happen. Twenty years working with Cubase and this has never happened. I am angry.

Sorry to say that Cubase 13 is clicking, popping and crashing for me too.
Cubase 12 ran flawlessly on my system - Dual xenon, 32gig.
I’m using windows 10 tho - is that a problem?

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Just to update -
In my case at least - random outright crashes seemed to have disappeared with Cubase 13.0.21 build 181.
Performance oddities continue tho…

Hi! I ran into the same problems, I have an amd ryzen 9 7950x processor and windows 10, the processor is not even loaded by 10%, and the Cubase 13 is all cracking. Is there any solution to this problem?

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I recently found out, that after every export Cubase starts crackling in projects, which ran fine before. Then I restore my prefs from a previous backup and it is fine again, until I export a track again.