Cubase 13: random CPU spikes still here, is maddening

Hi @DrWashington

Please send DMP / IPS to me so that we can investigate.

Pointing out to the CPU spikes. We would be eager to investigate on known issues based on reproducible facts and tangible comparisons. There is a whole chain of entities accountable that can lead to dropouts, the DAW -whichever it is- is far from being the only bottleneck. If one happens to have dropouts with the same project in C13 but not in C12, please inform us and send us the project. If one happens to have dropouts in another DAW than us with a similar project, please inform us and send us the project.

Thank you very much in advance for your invaluable help!


@Armand - please get back to me. I asked you how to get the folder over to you but you’ve not responded. I offered dropbox & mediafire, remember? I’ll adapt to whatever you guys use, though. Just send me a link. I’ve been waiting well over a week.

I just got back from NAMM and I’d love to get this stuff over to you all before my week starts if possible so you can tell me if you recognize something I need to address sooner rather than later.

But, there’s probably very little to send Engineering that they don’t already have: I always click the “send to Steinberg” button reflexively.

Actually, you know what? Don’t worry about. You all have what you need from me already, I’m sure of it. You don’t have the info from the “Cubase go poof” crashes where nothing new shows up in the folder and the program just suddenly disappears while I’m working, because there’s just no info to be had. But everything send-able I’ve probably already sent. Just tired of this back & forth, man. This is what I’m talking about. Gonna go cram some Ableton for a while. I’m spent.

Hi @DrWashington

Sorry this must have been overlooked at on our side, I wasn’t aware you were pending for us to clarify this. Usually DMP / IPS are small enough to be shared directly through the forum, either by posting publicly or sending me a PM. Otherwise I recommend using weshare, or a public dropbox / onedrive / drive link. Bottom line is, we don’t want to use credentials to get files.


Hey Armand, I sent you a few more tonight but a few failed to upload. In any case, here’s a link with lots of 12 & 13 crashes (but there have been many more that didn’t appear to create any dump file):

Have spent most of today obsessively trying to figure out why these dropouts are happening so seemingly at random with so little going on. Ableton just doesn’t appear to be suffering from this same thing: the meter seems quite stable and only overloads when I hit it really, really hard.

I would be forever grateful if your performance team really took these entreaties to stabilize the audio engine seriously: it’s killing me.

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Hi @DrWashington

Thanks for sharing. At this stage I will focus on recent crashes in the latest version of Cubase. I have answered you in the other thread.


Been running Cubase 7.5 for years on 10+ year old PC (Win7, 8GB RAM) – rock solid and quiet (I actually started with Cubase on Atari, so a loyal user). Just “upgraded” to Cubase 13.0.21 on a new PC (Win 11, 32GB RAM, i9) – pops and crackles (+ dropouts) like a bowl of rice krispies just looping a GA5 pattern – totally unacceptable. Even when Audio Perf meter doesn’t show any issues.

Yes, I’ve changed buffer size, optimized power settings, turned off background programs, etc. I hope Steinberg is still working on a fix for this – customers WHO PAID GOOD MONEY FOR THE PRODUCT shouldn’t have to be computer programmers to go in and tweak a bunch of workarounds just to make the product work (not to mention disabling security features!). I’m about ready to jump ship and try a different DAW…


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A lot is down to the. Computer. Have you run latencyMon to see if there is something causing this like the video card driver?

In my experience there are at least strong indications that it’s very probably down to Cubase: As much as I like to use Cubase I switched back to Reaper at least for recording audio. The exact same configuration (Mac M1 Max, RME interface and the same Plugins) lead to audio spikes in Cubase whereas Reaper shows 5 % CPU usage and about 12 % realtime CPU usage and has never spiked. By the way: Cubase shows average CPU usage in the lower quarter of the range - but it spikes nevertheless from time to time. As I said: I love Cubase for its maturity, wealth of functionality, workflow and user interface, but the audio performance is just lacking at the moment. So from my perspective I would be willing to pay for an update which completely focusses on performance and stability.

Cubase IC remote is another good example: it crashes down on my Ipad M1 pro and my Iphone 12 Pro. The team tells us again and again on the forum that we should restart our devices and the problem should be fixed. They simply don’t seam to be willing to accept that this does not correspond to reality… For Reaper there is a remote controll which is browser based and 100% stable since ages…

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Agreed on a lot of this. Performance does need to be prioritised. Also I’m one of those moaning about icpro as well on my iPhone 14. Works fine on my iPad though.

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Ran LatencyMon and it complained about a few things - these seem to be the worst offenders:
Wdf01000.sys ISR = 2407
ntoskrnl.ext DPC = 4251
afd.sys DPC = 22472
nortonsecurity.exe = 52 hard pagefaults
(this is w/Auto-Protect and Firewall disabled, also audio folders are excluded from scanning)

I would get rid of Norton. It’s nearly always been a problem. I just use windows security. I don’t go anywhere dodgy or open attachments and my pc is dedicated to Cubase and Wavelab.