Cubase 13: random CPU spikes still here, is maddening

the same here. The performance is not bad but Cubase does strange things. My laptop’s processor is at 27% and Cubase ASIO is almost choked. I use ProcessLasso, adjusting the CPU Affinity (taking Cubase out of 0 and 1) also using Throttlestop. everything updated, but I consider the consumption to be excessive. If you use native plugins there would be no problem, but we all know that is not the reality. Let’s hope Steinberg is investigating these types of questions.

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Thanks for the input. ASIO guard is on. It has always been on. But after your answer i remembered that another thing happened, even before the actual overload and on the same day.

I tried to connect my Focusrite 2i2 3rd Gen, but when Nuenndo started i realized that i used a charge only USB C cable. This meaning that for all purposes, i ran the DAW without its default ASIO Driver (Focusrite USB Asio). After that i had to ran ASIO configurations all over again. Perhaps this is what actually led to the CPU Overload…

I’m gonna try to uninstall my focusrite, then Nuendo, and after that running all the process from scratch…

Who knows… We might actually be on to something.

I`ll keep the forum posted

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Not that this solution works for all on windows11pro/Cubendo 13…but…

Process Lasso cleared everything up on one of my laptops so far today anyway. I aimed it at Nuendo 13.0.3 to not use core 0. Haven’t checked Cubase yet.

No spikes at low buffer settings now for my motu ultralite mk5. Asio-guard at normal setting. All ok over the past couple of hours.

I don’t quite have my head around Lasso…it appears to tame a lot of windows stuff in general.

Continuing to monitor what happens.

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Thanks. I really wish Steinberg would take the lead on, oh, I dunno, engineering around problems like these by invoking their contacts inside Microsoft, Intel, NVIDIA, or whoever else so we don’t need to waste time messing with tools like Process Lasso and such.

But, so far 13.0.30 is at least doing pretty well for me at 1024 samples latency. I’ll take it if I can get some work done. Not what I’d prefer, but I can’t spend my life messing with this all the time as I slowly transition my workflow over to Ableton.


I can totally relate to this. Just upgraded to Mac OS Ventura with Cubase 13 and an RME Interface and it’s driving me nuts.

Plugins like Immerse Virtual Studio or Native Instruments Lores inside of Kontakt 7 just don’t work without spiking and I’m on a i7 8700K system, which should still be enough power.
Not only that, on my brand new M2 MacBook Pro it does the very same thing: random peaks and overall bad performance. Also, a friend works on a Windows machine in Nuendo 13 - same issue.
Compared it to Kontakt Standalone and hosting in Reaper and there were no problems so far.

Still love Cubase and found a way to work around it with Audiogridder but Steinberg really needs to concentrate on living up to the “Advanced Music Production System” it proclaims to be plus it’s hefty price tag compared to other DAWs. Cubase 11 works quite stable though, so there’s another alternative…^^

issue cubase-13

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A short update:

After experimenting a bit I found out that Google Chrome running in the background makes the situation worse. So closing all non-needed applications on my Mac solve at least some of the problems.

Still: Cubase 13 seems to handle CPU load quite badly…