Cubase 13 reactivation problems

I am having problems activating Cubase 13, Groove agent 5, Backbone and also would like my copy of Wavelab 9.5 to be registered using the soft Elicencer.
I have valid licences for all the above software and previousely had it all working but had to install windows 10 again and now when I download and install download assistant and install Cubase 13 it says no valid licence found.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase 13 is not using eLicenser anymore. Install Steinberg Activation Manager and sign in. You are ready to go.

I try to use activation manager but it does not show my products


Are you sure, you signed it with the correct credentials?

yes i am signed in alright only backbone shows up I think that is because I have not activated it yet

I have also tried sighning in with another email account I may have used but that does not work either

You need to check if there is a download code inside an e-mail from Steinberg. Are you sure you used the download code sent to you when you bought it? Check spam folder too.

Your Wavelab 9.5 is still using elicenser, so you need to run the reactivation process:

There is a download code from steinberg that I used to activate Cubase the first time, but I have reinstalled win 10 since then and the code does not work any more


You don’t have to enter the code anymore. Just sign in with your MySteinberg credential and start Cubase, please.

I have tried loging in to my steinberg but could not find my software.
My elicencer control center does not show any licences for any software


Are you sure, you are using the correct credentials, please?