Cubase 13 Remote CC problem

I have a Nuances MIDI controller which I have been successfully using with Cubase 12 sending CC11,1 and 21 respectively to virtual instruments. I have both CB12 and 13 on the same machine with the same controller using the same configuration file (AFAIK). The controller works perfectly with 12 but on 13 although in MIDI remote, the sliders work and show the CC numbers, MIDI monitor receives and displays nothing. Any suggestions?


If you use the control with MIDI Remote, it doesn’t pass the MIDI CC to the track to prevent double-function (controlling the DAW parameter + controlling the MIDI CC).

Hi Martin. Thanks for getting back to me. Not sure that’s correct. If you don’t configure the controller in MIDI Remote no signals are passed to the DAW at all. I’ve now got it working in both 12 and 13 (it never stopped in 12), but I really don’t know how - which is frustrating. It has taken me the best part of a day to do so. The controller is now sending CC 1, 11 and 21 to all my Spitfire instruments in Cubase 13. If it stops, I still don’t know how to fix it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Same here! CC 1 and CC 7 not working with Monogram in Cubase 13.


Could you describe your setup, please?

Hi there, I’ve now discovered that the controller works in Cubase 12 Professional, it works in Cubase 13 Professional when I am editing projects which started life in Cubase 12, but it doesn’t work when starting a new project in 13. It may be worth seeing if that is true of your situation lucky909091.

Here is my setup:
Windos 10 64 bit,
Cubase Pro


Editing of an elder project in Cubase 13 (Pro) within the key editor is no problem.

But playing in live Data with Monogram has no result. The notes are recorded correctly, but the CC Data not. FADE Controller and “The Knob” produce the same issue.
Stream Deck is working as expected.

When I returned to Cubase 12, it didn’t work either!
A restart of the PC helped and Cubase 12 works as expected.


Sorry, I mean your setup in sense of the plugged MIDI devices, describe the routing, the Inputs, etc.

I’ve lodged a support call with Steinberg. I went into Studio Setup → MIDI port setup and double clicked on my Nuances Controller. That displays the input monitor. The three CC values the controller generates are clearly visible there but alas nowhere else! You may like to try that to see whther the data is getting that far at least.

PS - I compared the MIDI Port Setup pages in both 12 and 13. They’re identical.


Did you double-check the MIDI Monitor on the track, please? Did you double-check the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter? By default, only the SysEx messages are filtered for both the Recrod and Thru.

Hi Martin, Thanks for trying to help! I did both those things. Only Sysex messages are filtered. I have re-created the problem on an Apple Mac so we can exclude operating system problems. On the Mac closing and re-opening the instrument track can overcome the problem temporarily but the issue reappears eventually. I fear it’s a bug not a setting but will keep trying.


Do you have steps, on how to reproduce it, please?

I’ll do my best. The Nuances controller I use has 3 sliders capable of being programmed for any CC. I have mine set as 11,1 and 21 as I mainly use Spitfire BBCSO. In Cubase 12 open the MIDI Remote panel at the bottom of the screen and press the plus sign to add a controller. Because Cubase doesn’t have settings for my device I have to provide information on manufacturer, name of device, script author and select the device from a drop down list of MIDI devices connected to the system… Once this is done, the device is ‘defined’ by moving the three sliders which are automatically placed on the matrix on screen.No assignment is necessary as I’m not sending anything other than CC messages to the DAW. That’s it. Load an instrument which responds to CC 1,11 or 21 (in my case) and moving the sliders on the device moves the corresponding controls on the virtual instrument. This has worked on Cubase 12 ever since I upgraded to it. The device definition is automatically written to a json file which is where Cubase 13 picks it up from and therefore does not require re-definition (although I have deleted the controller in 13 and re-created it just in case that’s the problem). If I open 13 and load a 12 project everything works as expected. If I create a new project in 13 - it doesn’t work. Hope I’ve explained things adequately.

I have just reinstalled 13. Same behaviour.


Thank you for the detailed description.

Can I ask you, which function did you assign to the sliders in the MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant, please?

The way, you are using it, is not the one, how it is supposed to work (or how the design of Cubase expects, you would use it).

If you want to control any Cubase functions (like the MixConsole fader, slider, encoder, Cubase buttons, etc.), use the MIDI Remote. But, if you want to control the plug-in parameters, it’s much better to use the Quick Controls. Then you don’t need the MIDI Remote.

Within the MIDI Remote, you can also map the Focus Quick Controls. Which is definitely cool. But you should know, what you are doing.

So the most important question is: what did you assign to the sliders in the MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant, please?

Hi, as @Martin.Jirsak stated, there’s no need for a midi remote here, since you wish to use the CC messages directly to your VSTs.

When you’re creating a new instrument track, do you assign the desired MIDI device (Port) , or even just the “ALL MIDI Inputs” to it?


I didn’t assign anything to the sliders in the MIDI Remote Mapping assistant

Hi m.c thanks for helping. CB13 was defaulting to my MIDI keyboard when creating a new instrument track. You have solved the problem! Many thanks to both you and Martin. Much appreciated. The end of a very long day!