Cubase 13 - Renaming Tracks

Cubase 13 Pro
Windows 10 Pro
AMD Ryzen 9
128 GByte Ram
NVidea GForce Graphics Card
Behringher X32/32 used as sound card.

All drivers up to date and system free from defects.

Unable to Rename Tracks from Side Inspector, or by double clicking track name.

This has been a slowly progressing problem.
In version 10 Pro - I could double click on any instance of the track name and it would highligh and I could overtype.

In version 10.5 onward, I could no longer do this on the actual track name - but I could on the left hand track inspector (and hold Shift to rename actual track details)

In version 13, neither of these work any longer and I can only rename the tracks from the bottom mixer.

This may not sound serious but, if I’m using a mutli output plugin (like Kontakt), I have no way of changing the names of any of the midi tracks (after naming them at the start) - without having these cluttering up the mixer panel ( I normaly only show audio in the mixer)
I can change the names of the audio outputs and FX channels via the mixer bar.

It’s odd that the problem started in 10.5 and has stayed that way till 13 - and now I can’t change the track names.

I still have 10 installed - and it all works fine in that - so it’s not a computer glitch.

Anyone any ideas?
It might be somethinf I’ve missed along the way - or it might be a bug.




Could you try to rename/remove all your Cubase preferences folders to start Cubase in the factory settings, please?

Wher would I find these?



Cubase Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X
Win: %appData% Steinberg/Cubase X_64

Hi there,
Found it and renamed it to Cubase13_64

When I went back in, it rebuilt the directory from old version and added all the new 13 stuff.
Problem - still exactly the same.

If I open a project in 12, I can change the name via the LHS Chanel Inspector (but not on the actual track).

If I double click in the name box in the LHS chanel inspcetor, each time I do theis, it expands all the boxes underneath and then in the Inspector and then toggles them closed again when I double click again.

If I try to highlight the name in the Inspector, a small black and white “no entry” type icon appears under the cursor.

All that happens if I put the cursor over the name in the actual track channel is it helpfully tells me to “Double Click to change the track name” :rofl:

BTW - I using windows 10 Pro on an AMD Ryzen 9 based machine.

Any ideas?

Pro tem, I’m having to load into 12 to change the actual track names - which is tedious.

Thanks for helping out so far.