Cubase 13 Replace Audio in Video


I’m pleased that the version 13 reintroduced this useful and time-saving option. However, I’m currently unable to utilize it in any way. Could someone please assist me in identifying where I might be going wrong?

Despite having audio and video files of the same length, the “replace audio” button remains unclickable, regardless of what I try.

Replace Audio in Video Problem|690x401

Thank you for your help

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Hi ilkaybora

I am also having issues with this feature on Windows 10.
It seems it doesn’t work exactly like the older versions of Cubase. You need to select the video file before exporting the audio and then it will export the audio into the video file. I managed to get it to work once but nothing ever since.

Basically when you select a folder with video in it then the video files should appear listed under the section “resulting video files etc”
First time I tried it listed my video file which I could click on and then the export button became active. It then exported and worked as expected.
However, I have had no luck in getting files to show up since, even the same file it previously recognised.

Odd and I think a bit buggish behaviour at the moment.

Same problem here… It should seem pretty straight forward.
Started a similar thread here:

Please Steinberg, could you address this issue ?

Make sure you click on the actual video track (the pictures show by default on the actual track). Once you click on the video track the associated audio track(s) should highlight as well. Then click on File - Export - Video … and the button should be clickable with the name showing in the box above it. Worked for me just now … hope it works for you as well.

Alright, I’ve successfully addressed the issue. The solution was to create a project from scratch with the precise media specifications of the video file.

It seems that using the existing templates didn’t work for me.

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