Cubase 13 - Ryzen/AMD Freeze and Spikes

I saw a few topics related to CPU/RAM spikes on Cubase 13 projects (more common on C12 upgraded projects). I created this because I’m getting some similar but with larger freeze/spikes and maybe it’s related to AMD/Ryzen processors and/or GPUs.

What I’m getting is some ram/cpu spikes, and because of that, I get a few artifacts and freeze/audio jump. I’m getting that more often in C12 projects, but I try to create a new one and import the audio files and get the same error. That happen even with 2/3 audio tracks and VST3 tracks.

What I already tried:

  • Add and exclude on windows Defender
  • Upgrade all drivers (interface, gpu and etc)
  • Use different sample rates and create new projects.
  • Use a freesh install and remove the previous settings
  • Change the ram settings to XMP and to Standard
  • Tried to change the supend vst3 (on/off)
  • Tried to change the asio drivers

My settings are:
Interface - Clarett+ (Focusrite Asio)
CPU - Ryzen 5900x
RAM - 64gb
Storage - M.2
GPU - AMD RX 6900 XT
OS - Windows 11 (latest update)

None of this works, and for me, its 100% unsable; I’m still working on C12.
Anyone have an idea what I can do to solve that?

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Have you tried with a different Audio Interface (one that isn’t Focusrite) to see if you get the same issues in those situations?

Yes, I have an Audient Evo16 (as adat for Focusrite) and as it is an interface aswell I tried with no good results :frowning:

Is your GPU set to maximum power state?
Some Nvidia users said it helps, don’t know if it helps AMD GPUs, but worth to try
Also lowering oversampling(if used on plugin) is said to help

My cpu same as yours and everything works fine for me

Just an update for someone who might have the same issue. I solved the problem (for now) by turning off FreeSync on my monitors via AMD GPU driver.

Idk why, but now the driver is stable. Something that Steinberg needs to take a look at it, as CP12 was stable and perfect here in the same projects and specs.

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