CUBASE 13 Scanning VST 3 Plugins

Just got the upgrade from 12.

Stuck on Scanning VST 3 Plugins!!!

Any ideas?

Thank you.

For how long? In my case it was a loooong (15-20 min) - lots of plugins. But finally it went through.

Ok thank you Starnaf.

I just gave up after a while as I checked in Windows and it had NOT RESPONDING!

It did try again later after restarting the computer and it opened but many of my plugins like the Universal ones did not come up.

I will need to check how to get it to scan ALL my plugins again. Any ideas on that? Appreciate it, thank you.

Ive also got this issue, and it wont budge off the Vst Scanning popup

Hi everyone, I’m a French guy and In Cubase New version even the 13th I can’t set my Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 bought in 2017 ! does somebody has a solution ? I think Cubase can’t see the " Dll " of the instrument … I know where’s the location of the Dll but it doesn’t work ! if someone has a solution ! thank you :slight_smile:

Hi - just got the same thing when I loaded the latest Cubase 13 update (13.0.21) now just sits there at Initializing Scanning VST 3 Plug-ins - I contacted Steinberg support 4 days ago to ask them if they could send me the link for the last version before this one (as that one was working ok - so basically trying to downgrade back a version) and no reply ?? did you get any where with your problem ?

I’ve just had this same issue after installing an old Waves V13 plugin. It takes a good few minutes but does eventually load up CB if you are patient with it.

I thought it might fly through as usual after exiting and re-starting CB. It is faster, but still much slower than it was before the Waves install.

I wonder if the V13 framework has something to do with it?

Had the same thing happen. Reinstalling Waves and Plugin Alliance fixed it. Seems like some “calling home” plugins need a little push. (Inserting PA plugins is still a Pita and takes forever.)

Just (reluctantly!) updated the Waves Aphex Exciter to the latest version and hey presto, all of a sudden CB13 opens almost instantaneously …