Cubase 13: selecting lanes in lane mode not highlighting the lane channel?

In Cubase 12 when comping or using lane mode you could click on the lane channel block and it would highlight it letting the user know it was selected.

In Cubase 13 I can click on the lanes ( or shift click multiple) to move them but it does not highlight them. Is this a bug or do I have to enable something in preferences

It was very handy when comping vocals.

In Cubase 12 say I have 8 vocal tracks of punch ins and I needed to move a lane up or down I could click the lane and it would highlight it so I could see which lane I clicked, this is no longer in Cubase 13.

Edit: Windows 11

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Are you in Windows or Mac? Which version?

It works for me here on Mac.

sorry about that added the specs to original post. any other windows 11 users experiencing this issue? I can attach a photo or video for more info if needed

I have Windows 11 and have the same issue, I’ve started using the solo button on the lane but it’s not as intuitive.


Could you please attach a short video scren recording? Just to make sure we are talking about the same.

Hey all, same for me here, subtracks not getting highlighted. Do I delete or move or whatever the right ones… hope…

I have a fresh install of CB13 here, Mac Studio M2 latest Ventura running it in Silicon.


Btw, Apple screen recording (.mov) cannot uploaded here?
Thank you, Cheers

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If I understand you correct, you have to enable the Editing > Track Selection Follows Event Selection option in the Preferences.

Check out this post :

The Selection Brightness slider is your friend on this one. I had exactly the same problem, but tinkering with this slider brings the highlights back!

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I can do/change whatever … the subtracks are never highlighted. I spent at least an hour for coloring. The tracks are colored/highlighted as I like, Mix console too, thats all fine, but not the subtracks.

On Nuendo 12 it works with the same Preferences (Sorry I dont have CB12, but I expect it would work like this as reported from Samuel…).
Bildschirmfoto 2023-11-28 um 11.54.04
Bildschirmfoto 2023-11-28 um 11.53.06

Track Selection follows event selection is not changing anything for the subtracks in case of highlighting. It’s the same behavior on all my Mac’s (I have no Windows machine to double-check).

It’s not a killer for me, but it would be nice if this works again. If Steinberg finds it, fine, if not, I will survive.

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Am I missing something (please see attached video)?

Screen Recording 2023-11-28 at (1.3 MB)

Hey Martin, you have the magic fingers :slight_smile:

See, I have the same settings as you showed… What do I (we) miss :slight_smile: (1.2 MB)


You are using the Comp tool (am I right?), I’m using the Object Selection tool.

But iwth the Comp tool it didn’t work in Cubase 12 neither. The behaviour is exactly the same in Cubase 12 and Cubase 13.

Hi, ha, if it whould be that easy… :slight_smile:
Same if not wiht comp tool… (1.2 MB)

And anyway, it should do the highlight also if we are in comp tool, whould make sense?


As far as I can see, neither the layers “track” have been selected, once you click directly in the track list, correct?

Are you on Windows?


Ha, I can reproduce it, now! This issue happens, if you enable the Show Color for Selected Channel option in the Preferences > User interface > Track & MixConsole Channel Colors.

And you are right, it was working in Cubase 12.

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.


Hi Martin, ah cool, right, if this is unchecked it works. Never expected that, but…
Thank you!

Thank you Martin for your due diligence!

This solution worked for me.

I’m on Mas M1 os13.1 and the lane not highlighting is not great. I am used to running multiple takes then deleting lanes but am a little nervous without seeing the highlighted track.

Must say that I usually love the upgrades and get it within the first 3 month but am not excited with 13. Not loving the new mixer layout, find the color scheme too bright, and can’t figure out how to change it, and overall the defaults are not great, unlike when I moved to other upgrades. I did download the trial first so will move back to 12 until things get settle.
Juat my 2 cents…