Cubase 13 Slow export on Apple Silicon

I know the slow export bug on Apple Silicon has been reported on earlier versions, but I recently upgraded to Cubase 13 and I’m disappointed to learn this still hasn’t been fixed.

Exporting is slower than real time! A 4 minute project takes longer than 4 minutes to export. That’s obviously not correct behavior. The 8 performance cores on my M2 MacMini all show less than 50% utilization during the export.

I can see reports of this bug on Cubase 11 and again Cubase 12. Is there any news on the status of a fix?

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Just in case you didn’t notice, there is an option in the export window that says ‘export in real time’, so maybe it’s on.

No, it’s not :slight_smile:

This bug has been reported many times. AFAIK, it affects all AS Macs.

Studio One has (or had) a similar issue.

Think it has something to do [there, at least] with the export being done on eCores instead of pCores.

The activity monitor shows the performance cores are being used, not the efficiency cores.

In general the Apple Silicon Macs are super beastly but I never noticed much improvement when it came to exporting and even loading straight from the internal 4TB SSD with a transfer speed of multiple gigs a second.
sometimes the numbers just don’t mean much in the real world.

Apple Silicon is plenty fast, that’s not the issue. The track counts you can get are incredible. There is hardly any I/O happening when you do a stereo mix export, so it’s hard to see how it would have anything to do with transfer speeds.

It might be a cpu scheduling issue, but it would be nice to get an update from Steinberg on this. I’m sure they’ve been looking into it for a long time now.

One other observation:

With most DAWs when exporting/bouncing, the cpu is almost fully utilized, with the performance cores running at 80-90%. In Cubase when exporting, the cpu is lightly utilized, with the performance cores only running an average of about 20%.

Not surprisingly, this means exports in Cubase are much slower than exports in other DAWs.

I’ve only just had to do this…

Oh dear - It’s really depressing - especially if there doesn’t seem to be an answer to it yet…

I’m on a Mac Studio M2 with Cubase 13
Tried exporting single piece of audioo through a few standard plugins and it’s only 4 times real-time - which means an hour long audio master is taking 15 mintues or thereabouts - was never like this on earlier versions.

Just for a test I ran as near as the same I could get away with through Audacity - and it did the whole thingin juts over a minute - 50x speed - that’s more like it.

So what happened to Cubase?
And what’s it going to be like when I want to really put it to the test with massive project full of audio and VSTs as well?