Cubase 13: Smaller Fader Volume and Instrument Change Limitation in Extra Left Zone

Hi there,

I’ve encountered a problem in Cubase 13: the Fader volume in the arrangement view is smaller compared to Cubase 12. This size reduction is impacting my workflow. Using the “Extra Left Zone” only partially solves the issue, as it doesn’t allow instrument track changes, forcing me to switch back and forth with the regular “Left Zone.”

Has anyone else faced this? Any advice or settings?

Thanks in advance!


You can increase the size.

Hi Martin, sorry I must be an idiot, as I can not find how to resize the fader in the old left zone in 13, could you please explain how this is done,


Do you mean the Channel part of the Project window?

Use the 3 dotes divider on the top of the fader (above the Mute/Solo buttons), please.

Thank you for your reply Martin. I am not finding where I could increase the size of the fader in the old left zone in 13 either. Here is a screenshot of the fader part I am talking about.

It would have been really great if we had been able to change synth instruments from the new extra left zone. If that feature were present, I wouldn’t need the old left zone anymore.


I see, you are talking about the Inspector, not about the Channel. You cannot resize the fader in the Inspector, sorry.

What’s a bit disappointing is that this fader has become smaller compared to Cubase 12. I personally find the GUI not that great either; the fader kind of floats in the middle of nowhere. Then, when I want to use the big fader in the extra left zone, I can’t change the instrument there. So, I’m always going back and forth between those left zones.

It would be so great to change that in future and allow users to change instruments in the extra left zone in future updates.

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Maybe giving users the choice of ALL the controls in both the (traditional) Inspector and the (new) Channel Inspector would give everyone complete flexibility?

We could then choose to use two complementary inspectors set up to our taste, or just one that does everything we need.

Just a thought.


This would be so ideal. I love this suggestion!

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I might raise a feature request and see how quickly it gets shot down!

Done - I’ve raised it here:

Hi Martin.Jirsak
Just wondering…
Are you sorry because you have given a negative answer or because you do not like it either. Curious to know why this choice was made to have a small fader. Also did any of the beta testers question why it was so small and not resizable. Not talking about the height but the width.


Because of this. I don’t use the fader in the Inspector anymore. I use it in the Channel, now.

Trying out the cubase 13 demo right now. This fader size is another deal breaker. Besides the rest of the terrible to look at, hard to read UI. I really wonder what went on at Steinberg with this update. I really hope all of this gets fixed. If it can’t be improved, just reverse it to what it was…