Cubase 13 Soloing in editing mode

is it only me or happening to everyone ? im trying to variaudio or audio wrap in editor mode. when i click editor page, it scrolls separately and mute everything behind. if i want to hear everything i need to click in the song page, then i can hear them. why its scrolling and muting ?? can i change it ? it was not like that in cubase 12

ive couldnt fix the problem. cubase 13 is worst steinberg product ever.

The problem is that it is not possible to understand what you’re saying.

ok let me explain it again. when i enter in editor mode, tracks turns to solo. if i want to hear other tracks, i need to exit editor mode.

Deactivate the S (=solo mode) in the editor:
(Screenshot from the manual, ignore the numbers, please)

thats what im saying. its not in solo mode

Hey Zeezou I found it: check on the left bottom of the left Inspector,
there is a Switch between Track and Editor then You hear the Mix when You choose Track, Hope This Helps

not worked :frowning:

Not enough info from you to understand your question.

ok im gonna take pictures to explain it better

So when the editor is active (you’ve clicked IN it), the solo light for that window is not on? But the thing you’re editing is still soloed?

yes thats exactly the problem.

Heres my situation. when i click in this area ive shown with red, track became solo, and scroll is acts independently from the project. i need to click outside of this box to make it okay. but with this, i cant do audiowarp or variaudio easly cause i cant hear non of other instruments.

Guys please help its driving me crazy. anyone ??

I’m curious about this post - although I am not using this particular function this way or experiencing this problem. I want to see what the problem might be and what the solution is.

I am also experiencing the same issue with C13. :frowning: It is not like this in C12.

already tried this option. worked when I changed it to “Track”, but when I started to move the notes and listen (play>>stop>>play), Variaudio just goes back to playing solo even though the “Solo” is not activated ( button not in red )

yeah exactly. no solution. i thing im gonna delete and install again

let me know if that works.