Cubase 13 - SOLUTION - MISSING Preferences, Settings, And Presets

Howdy, gentle men, women, and so forth

If you lost your presets of the tabs, of the prefferences, command keys, or whatever - Cubase 13 (don’t know if it happened in the 12)

I’ve looked for and didn’t found a working solution, it happened for me, for no reason, and i’ve lost more than once all my cubase configurations. Tryed through trial and error, and reached a solution. I’ve seen other Cubase 13 members with this issue. Hope it can help whomsoever may come to experience this kind of issue… (it worked in all situations to me so far… following this procedure)

Using only the Profile Manager and the Profile files! (ignoring the use of the presets of everything - using only the profile as the master of all presets)

  • If you never use the presets (ex: Channel tab preset, and other) and only the profile manager file it will work. You change what you want, and save only in the profile manager.
  • When you want to export, you double it in the profile manager (if you want go to the folder to copy the file as backup). Curiously, other method sometimes failed
  • When you close and open the cubase, it will save the changes you make (with no presets “formally” loaded, even though the changes were made). In this situation you will be able to save even the presets (ex: commands, tabs, preferences). What seems to make the bug be triggered is the presence of a preset within the profile it seems. So when you load the preset, but you close it and open again, you will have that preset alterations, but you will see that the combobox of the preset in use (any one of them) will be null “-”. In this situation you can save your profile and won’t lose it either

Hope it works. So far, so good to me. Problem solved
Only the graphic glitches remain (at least it does not compromise the quality of the audio processing, so i can live with it.
The problems with scaling of some paramount plugins windows (ex: izotope plugins which i use very often) is manageble with the HidPi settings in the prefferences)
(PS: i rarelly use midi, so i can’t argue with that)
Making my amends with Cubase 13… lol
Cheers from Brazil
(new member here, sorry if i talked some random stuff - just worked for me, hope it does to you ; )