Cubase 13/Sonoma, shedloads of missing plugins

So, upgraded to new macOS Sonoma on Mac mini M1 when it came out, running Cubase 12 flawless pretty much, now upgraded to Cubase 13 and have pretty much lost at least half my installed plugins…
Nothing from Roland Cloud works, loads of SSL plugins, nothing from iZotope, list goes on…
Any ideas please…???

For the record, also running exact same OS and Cubase 13 on my intel i9 MacBook Pro, absolutely no issues whatsoever, all upgrades for OS and Cubase working spot on with all plugins loading up fine…


How does it look like in the VST Plug-in Manager, please? Are the plug-ins listed there?

Your Cubase 12 was running in Rosetta Mode in which it supports Intel CPU compiled plug-ins. To get Cubase 13 to also load these plug-ins you need to start it in Rosetta Mode. This is usually done via the Finders “Get Info” dialog you get when doing a right click on the Cubase icon.
You could also checkout if the plug-ins you’re missing have updates to support the Apple Silicon chip natively.

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Hello, yep, all the missing ones are in the Blocked list….

Umm, all plugins were fine in 12, only since 13 they’ve gone….
I’ll give it a go starting in Rosetta mode then, it did flash up with something about Rosetta first time I opened 13 but I kinda missed what it said….:see_no_evil:
Will try your suggestion, thank you….:pray:t3:

Well, that was easy lol, all sorted now, thank you….:pray:t3:


Btw, Cubase 13 is officially compatible with macOS Sonoma, now.

Everything’s working fine and dandy now… :smiling_face:

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