Cubase 13 special price when?

My demo period is almost finished and i would love to buy but not being caught in buying it for 99.99 and after 1 week there is a special price.
Anyone has ideia if steinberg is doing a special price any soon ?

In recent years, when they regularly had a Cubase release in November, there used to be an annual 40% sale in the summer, around July. However, with C12 that pattern broke, so we can’t be sure on what schedule they are on now.
Anyway, my bet is you’ll need to wait another 4 months for a sale. At least, no sale is expected soon, it’s still too close to the release.


The name of the game is patience. This may be an unpopular opinion in the age of instant software download gratification, but the savings add up. Nobody these days buys just one piece of music software, but updates here, new titles there, and those add up to a lot of spending.

I consolidate my purchases to mainly Thanksgiving sales. There actually are companies who only discount their products once a year (Steinberg is not one of them, luckily.)

I have never seen a music software title or plugin or library that was one I “had to have, no matter what right now”. Sometimes I waited years for some orchestra libraries that had its components trickle released at hundreds of dollars each, but in the end, the complete library sold for one ninth of the price.

I am sure some people would say “if everyone just purchased during sales, it would be detrimental to music software innovation and development”. Well, no. I dare to guess a lot of people out there just can’t or don’t want to spend the money. There is always something else if one company no longer makes good or affordable software. Supply and demand. Demand wants sales, and suppliers give in. If they can’t afford to throw sales, they will not, and if they do not feel like they need to, after crunching their numbers, they will hold price. How often do you see 40-50% off Omnisphere?

As another example, we pay $1,000 for a robust DAW that gets unceremoniously crashed by a misbehaving plugin. I mean this is the 3d decade of the 21st Century! Fan crowds will of course will say “this or that feature would introduce latency or take development time away from the important features”. OK, fine, except somehow these developments are not limiting competing products.

I am sure some would also say “we can’t afford the luxury of waiting, we have critical business projects that need the update”.

To them, I say: “Please tell me you didn’t migrate your business and time critical audio projects to a time limited DEMO software!”

Also sometimes a third party reseller during sales season will sell the same product cheaper than the original company. I did take advantage of one of these sales where a third party seller sold a FULL new version cheaper than an UPGRADE or CROSSGRADE would have been from Steinberg. So I paid less AND have the additional licenses. That is the time and the reseller you should wait for.

I respect you opinion, its totally valid.
I own cubase since version 11 and i´ve been using 13 for the past 3 months, its been a great experience and the new features are great for my work. I will totally buy it even if not on sale.
The new midi capabilities, mono to stereo tracks and some other improvements is worth the 99€.
My version 12 has been sitting around but not open ever since.

In your case, the upgrade price is really a good deal for the updates the new version provides, as it is not a very expensive upgrade.

At most, there MAY be a summer or Thanksgiving sale, but no guarantees. When the latest SpectraLayers version came out, I did not immediately buy it, not because I was waiting for a sale, but I just did not get around to it, and surprisingly, the Thanksgiving sale the same year also gave 50% off on the UPGRADE price, which was a welcome surprise. It is not too much of a gamble to wait, because eventually there will be a sale, but if you really like what you are getting and find the current upgrade price reasonable, then it is still a good deal.

I bought the upgrade anyways. Thanks for everyone´s input. Worth the price for the number of new features that help me a lot in my workflow.