Cubase 13? still issues with the shop?

some speculations ? (need some to waste time :wink: )
the shop is not ready ?
cubase 13 is not ready ? (so long maybe it should be called cubase 13.5,999)
holydays in Germany ?
Steinberg tries to play psychological games to get us nerve breakdown ?


Yes , i must admit i was quite expecting it to drop today , oh well never mind , their lose

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i agree. they want get us nerve breakdown… :angry: :rage: Looks like we’ll have to wait until Wednesday next week.

Cubase 12 was released March 2, 2022. So who knows? Maybe they will stick with March for Cubase releases? Then you’ll have to wait for at least three more months? :smiley:

I don’t call waiting more than a week 'very soon ’


It will be released today.
It is my birthday :birthday::joy:


…or…“When its ready:sweat_smile:

Osteomancy tells me that as soon as the shop went down, they started working on 13.1. But it’s not ready yet, even though it is.

Let me finish my coffee, and I’ll see what other Concrete Information™ my coffee reading offers.

I have a nagging suspicion that it will come out next Wednesday, 8th of November, which is my birthday, and I’ll have to buy it to me as a gift. Which is very unexciting -“Oooohhh, I wonder what I got me!”


Last night a fairy came to me and she told me the exact time when Cubase 13 will be launched. It will be January 13th, 2024, 13 hours, 13 minutes and 13 seconds. January 2024 was chosen because it is the 13th month after January 2023. Furthermore Cubase can be purchased then within a time slot of only 13 minutes. Then it will be removed from the online shop and customers will have to wait for Cubase 14 which will be launched in 2114.


So now we’ve got a new information : Cubase 13 splash screen should be yellow :blush:


Cubase 13 is also now in the Steinberg Download Assistant


Download Manager shows it now…


Ohhhh , today it is then

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Stable release , unless you have graphics issues lol


Maybe this is why ? We might have another 5 hours at least to wait



Have just downloaded and paid for Cubase 13 pro on line today (2nd Nov.) A;; up and running now.

Hope all goes well???

One minor (possibly) point for Australia in the store - it would be GST, not VAT

i’ve bought the update yesterday night … no problems with the buy and downloads