Cubase 13 - Templates will not show up in Project creation window

On M1 Mac - Montery

I can create a template, and the template file shows up in /Library/Preferences/Cubase 13/Project Templates but in the Project creation window, the only template listed is “Empty”

Cannot figure this one out. Please help.

the templates folder is

C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 13_64\Project Templates


You can define, in which category will the template appear. But by default, they are ineed in the More tab.

Could you attach a screenshot of the window, if you are saving the Template, please?

Thank you for your very quick reply but they indeed are not in the More tab.
This is the actual problem I need help with. They are being created in the filing system, but will not show up in the New Project window/More tab. When I go to Save as Template, nothing shows up there either.


Everything looks correct. Therefore I have only stupid questions, sorry… Are you sure, you start Cubase 13 Pro (not Cubase Elements, not Cubase 12)?

I only have Cubase 13 Pro Installed.


In this case, I would try to rename the Preferences folder, to get the factory settings. Once you start and quit Cubase, it will create a new Preferences folder. Then I would move the template projects over to the new Preferences folder.

Ok, I will try that. Thanks Martin.

That did it. Thanks so much!

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