Cubase 13 text bug - gibberish characters


This has been an issue with Cubase and Nuendo with previous versions as well, am currently using C13’s two week trial via Splice and the bug seems to persist. It is specifically the usage of Output’s ‘Arcade’ vst instrument that causes all DAW text to become gibberish.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open any project or create a new one
  2. Load up an instance of Arcade
  3. Either immediately or after some (random period of) time using, the DAW text turns to gibberish - specifically, the letters are all shifted by one. So, in the MixConsole Stereo Out becomes Tvfsfp Pvu

This bug has been reported numerous times before.

I have enquired with Output Support about this, but according to them it is a Steinberg issue.

The temporary workaround is to Disable GPU Acceleration, but this renders the GUI so laggy and slow that it’s impossible to work.

This is the only thing that will be a deal-breaker for me to actually buy C13, as I am loving all the new features, but since I use Arcade very frequently it becomes nearly impossible to work properly.

Steinberg folks, if you could acknowledge this as a bug and advise whether a hotfix is possible for this issue, it would be greatly appreciated.