Cubase 13 Things we like

So far :
The focus on the mixer is way better than the old red boxing
The vocal Chain plugin seems really good
The vocoda sounds wonderful and looks great
Being able to select a custom colour mode now instead of just dark mode is great
New name tags in the Mixer are great for visuals ,very handy instead of having to look to the bottom all the time

INSTANT closure when QUITING Cubase , outstanding speed


Mono / Stereo button on audio tracks!


Hi ! What do you mean? custom colour mode for what?

Im sure this is a new feature , IIRC in C12 you could only choose a certain colour in dark mode but it seems to be more adaptable , more adjustable now

Haven’t bought the upgrade (and not sure I will before the next sale), but the Channel Tab seems really useful, as does the range tool in the MIDI editor, tap tempo and mono/stereo switch. Everything else - dunno…

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I think they did the channel tab because peeps on single monitors were putting a single channel mixer beside the main page.

That’s what I did when I was working from a laptop - I remember there was a discussion about it a while back too.

Large project closed instantly when using QUIT . so fast i didn’t see it close lol

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still 4 cues only :skull_and_crossbones:

wow, certainly more important than fully customisable UI and local undo everybody was asking for!

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Anyone can tell me about the new Black Valve compressor? On what hardware is inspired?
It seems to sound very good to my ears

That’s just a cosmetic thing :wink: I saw that the EXE still needed a moment to disappear from my task list (though it was never before an issue either).

Not to mention the broken MixConsole, GUI glitches…

Loving the general feel of it, and yes snappy to close!
Chord pad improvements are very nice, like the new colour grading on it.
I love the new UI across everything so far, looks great on HiDPI.
Really like the right click to arrange toolbar/menus, they’re everywhere!
I like silly things like having the instrument image in the inspector, and the way the windows transition in this version.

…I’ve not got any further as just been having fun opening up and playing with all the old refaced MIDI inserts, scanning through the Iconica instruments and randomly trying chord pad presets and patterns. :+1:

So far, think it’s a great update. Had a few issues, but this is early days as yet. Can’t wait to get trying the new plugins and other features when i’m on my big speakers, just trying it on laptop atm.

I’m just getting started with the update. The first thing I had to try was the new audio routing for re-amping. I had never gotten it working previously. I think this was partly due to using an aggregate device on MacOS. In Cubase 13 it works! This alone makes the upgrade worth it for me. I’m so hyped for this feature.

The visual overhaul is fantastic as well. Familiar, but clean. Love the new Channel window. I’m excited to try out the improvements to chord pads and step input. Many thanks to everyone at Steinberg! What a great update.

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What’s that sir? I haven’t seen this in the “What’s new in Cubase”, also it doesn’t sound like something very specific to a DAW but more to an audio interface setup, doesn’t it?

Maybe the re-amping with my setup working in 13 is unrelated. I’m referring to the ability to route track instruments to audio tracks. It’s the new Track Instruments bus for inputs that allows routing audio from virtual instruments into the inputs of other tracks. I just figured there were some under-the-hood improvements that made my re-amp setup work along with this new routing which will generally be very useful for other workflows of mine as well.


I think that this is the best Cubase update that we’ve seen in a long time. I don’t do electronic music and previous updates seemed to cater more towards that demographic.
I did a poll where I asked people if they would rather have more stuff, or faster workflow, and over 80% said faster workflow. The Steinberg devs totally listened, and they focused mainly on mixing functions and workflow enhancements, which is exactly what I’ve been needing from Steinberg! This is very good! The mono-to-stereo button is so important, I can’t believe the day has finally come! Thank you again to the devs who listened and delivered!!!


The title of this post being “Cubase 13 Things we like”, I really like the fact that on Windows, the “floating menu bar”, always stuck at the top of the screen, is now gone … it may seem a small thing, but in my eyes this is huge, because the application now appears to be compliant with Windows programming guidelines and behaves just like any other Windows application.


- Range Tool in Key Editor

Started using it right away, what a great addition.

- Mono/Stereo Switch

Not using it too much, but good to know it’s there if I fall for it sometime that I’m distracted.

- Pop-up Channel Strip Plug-ins.

Fast and efficient. Excellent.

- Channel Names at the top also

I never knew I needed this, and imagine that I have my side monitor on portrait mode. Much easier to spot the right channel now.

- Tap Tempo, Enter Tempo at Cursor

Another very straightforward, efficient, simple, excellent feature.

That’s from a quick first glance yesterday.


I like the new channel side bar though I’m thinking it needs to be accessible from the right hand side aswell and there are conflicts with what the inspector can already do.
The new plugin updates are very welcome and look like they will come in handy.
I think the mono to stereo thing is amazing.
New routing options will be handy in the future.