Cubase 13 - Track Selection Background Color


This could just be the new 13 color with no option to change, but in case, has anyone figured out a way to change the color of this?

In previous Cubase, the background selection was white and change the text to black font.
But now in Cubase 13, we have this dark gray and white text, which I find personally a lot harder to read.

Can’t figure out if there is an option to revert this if possible.



+1 !!!


It’s possible to adjust “Selection Brightness” in Preferences but there seems to be a problem (or bug): If you adjust the selected track to be white, the fonts remain white, so you won’t be able to read the track name.


I wonder if it’s a bug cause it definitely makes it worse as the text stays white and the track selection gets brighter/whiter haha.

If not bug, I hope they add this as an option to revert back to the way it was for some who want it.



The design is actually a little disappointing


Maybe activate Show Color for Selected channel

You’re not alone, I’ve never really liked it. And don’t even get me started on this new “modern” look of 13…


I’ve had v13 open for about an hour now, and it’s nice to see some of the new user interface improvements, but it’s definitely more difficult to read in some key areas.

One major issue is that the selected track font name doesn’t flip to black, making it completely unreadable. Since the background is white when selected, the font needs to be black like in v12. Bug?? And how would I fix? The adjustments in preferences didn’t fix it for me.

In other areas like the Inspector, new Channel Strip, Key Editor, etc., the font and buttons are smaller. The black type on the dark grey button background doesn’t stand out enough (Inserts, Sends, Routing, Track Versions, etc.). They used to be white and easy to see. I would suggest making the font white if the buttons are being trimmed vertically to save real estate.

MixConsole: The blue and orange colors for inserts are dimmer and the white font on those inserts are not as bright as in v12. The track names are now black instead of white making them harder to read. The buttons that say Routing, Inserts and Sends used to have a background that was brighter, which made those titles easier to read with the black font. They were also uppercase. Now they’re lowercase against a much darker background and turn white only when clicked. There’s no need for a momentary ‘down state’ on those buttons – the user know what they intentionally clicked.

Media Bay results font is smaller. With the zillions of samples everyone has these days, scanning a long, vertical list should be easier to see.

I’m sure I’ll notice more, but these problems really stood out. If anything, give us a choice of adjusting the font size. Adobe finally gave us some options (although, far from perfect). Blender 3d software (which is free) has an unbelievably smooth user interface adjustment feature that I wish every software company would implement. Would be great to see that happen in Cubase someday.


Seriously, how could such things slip through? White text on white background must be by intention and not any kind of glitch on a specific system. How annoying.

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Cubase user since version 5 (skipped 6th). Many times people have complained about the esthetics of the new version of Cubase, most of the time I haven’t cared that much even though I consider myself a visual person to some extent.

But now even I have to complain. This new design is ugly. And on top of that it doesn’t even work: it’s really difficult to see the selected track and as stated above, if you turn the selected track white, then you can’t read the text anymore! Unbelievable.

It’s quite hard to use the software if you can’t tell which track is selected!


No good idea - then you can hardly recognise the selected track

This HAS to be addressed. Hate it. Using “Show Color for Selected Channel” for now :roll_eyes:

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+1 please fix

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Maybe its my colour scheme but I don’t see any change when I select a track at all, except that the red record button moves. This makes it hard to see quickly out which track is selected (and has caused some operational mistakes already).

Some tweaking ideas here posted by another user elsewhere (video by ‘One Man And His Songs’)…

Setting Your System Colors in Cubase 13

He (Anthony Chisnall) goes into some nice detail - also about how the Track background colours can be adjusted for ‘name clarity’. And some gotchas to watch out for. Worth viewing the whole thing…


… thanks to the tip at the top of this thread, I just discovered the contrast settings for the track and selected track. Mine were both right down at zero. (Maybe reset by the upgrade perhaps because I do not remember changing this setting ever before). Happy days!



looks like cubase 13 is trying to imitate the user interface from ableton live.

This “fixed” my issue. The active track is now a notcieably different shade than the others. Thanks!

I have the exact same issue in C13, when click to select a track, suddenly it’s white the white text track name can not be seen. Go into color setting and reduce the “Selection Brightness” make the track name better visible however still not as good as black text as in C12.