Cubase 13 trial vstconnect.dll hanging

WTF why is this is an issue FFS with trial version. Really pissed off and I understand now why people pirate this software. It’s so convoluted. I see people have had this same issue since CB 10.

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Make sure, you have the latest VST Connect component installed. If you don’t need it, you can remove it.

Do I still need this for the trial version though?


No, you probably don’t need this component.

This component is in use, if you cooperate in the project with other person over the internet.

Then why does it hang and fail to load? In fact when cubase loads after about an hour, there are no sounds loaded despite being installed. What am I doing wrong. Thankyou so much for helping out btw. This issue has caused major headaches, and we want to move away from Acid Pro to Cubase with our music production. We will purchase cubase 13 once we get these issues fixed.

Application ‘VST Connect’ has caused the following error:

Could not connect POS.


  • Click to abort.

VSTconnect.vst3 hangs after this too.


Obviously you have an old version installed (otherwise it wouldn’talk to the POS, which is linked to the old eLCC).

Did you remove the component, please?

I just installed the cubase 13 trial. Is there anything needs clearing from other versions. Or some reg edit I need to delete?


Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

The VSTConnect (Pro) component is shared by all Cubase versions. So if you have any old one installed, also Cubase 13 can see it.

Windows 11 PC. Installing all of this NOT on default C drive due to space issues. I wonder if that in itself is the problem. I got like 30 gb free on C drive but all the extras are filling up c drive so I put on S drive that has 500 GB free. Some programs don’t like install on other drives.


It’s not supported to install Cubase to other but the system C drive. However the application itself is not so big. The sound libraries are big and you can install these to any location.

Ok will try, but I am sure I tried this with Cubase 12 and got the same issues.

I am getting the following error message:

"Your eLicenser initialization is hanging. You can continue using your Steinberg Licenseing based products. If you want to use your eLicenser based products, restart your computer. "

This is after waiting an hour or so to actually load the trial.


Did you already remove the VSTconnect component, please? There must be any old component, which tries to talk to eLCC, installed. Btw, make sure, you have the latest eLCC installed, please.

Please offer me some assist to see where I can try and remove this? I don’t know if it’s installed or not.

Do you think it would be better to create a new account for the trial and start over, or will the old install still affect any new installation. Can I remove the VSTconnect via the download manager etc?

Hi @robertcram72,

please download and install the latest VST Connect 5.6 version. ou can find it here.
Can you now start Cubase 13?

Thank you,

Nope still boots safe mode and then hangs. But I really feel I need to install everything on the same drive. Will try again and get back to you.

NO IT DOES NOT WORK removed all Steinberg and Elicencer files from PC new account even and the same poopies happens now that I have installed everything on C DRIVE. Also when this happens, cubase 13 locks up, so I have to close the application in TASK MANAGER. If I leave it, previously it would eventually load after several errors and about an hour.

RTX 4090 PC with an i5 13700K CPU. top spec £3000 PC. Win 11 64Bit 32 GB RAM

This is mega frustrating to the point I would even let one of the admins here do a remote access install if any of you are up for that.