Cubase 13 trial?

Hello everybody, I can’t seem to find the trial for Cubase 13. I use Dorico for notation but currently use Logic as my DAW of choice, and I would like to give Cubase 13 a try. Does anybody have a link or know where I can find the download for the trial?

I heard somebody say that they got a trial through Splice. I just checked and you can click the blue button on this page for a 14-day trial, it appears:


Interesting - thanks for the info! I was hoping to find the trial directly from Steinberg as with Dorico 5 they offered a 60 day trial, but 14 days will do for now.

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My pleasure - yeah I agree that we’d like a longer trial from Steinberg directly, which I have no doubt will arrive once the first patch has been released. Could be sooner, but it’d probably make more sense to patch some things up before having the general public give it a try.

I think most people are finding Cubase 13 something of a trial.


I like it so far - have had one weird crash though, while using the score editor. We’ll see how it goes as we continue!

Hello. Just a word about changing from another daw to Cubase(and welcome!)
Cubase has a really amazing key command editor (which has had a revamp in 13 pro too!!)
So you can feel free to change the default key command shortcuts to what you’re more comfortable with.

It works, thanks for sharing that :slight_smile:

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