Cubase 13 UI: no indicator, if and which recording track is selected

Right now, there is no visual representation of a selected actively recording track.
Before in C12 the title of the track would become black when selected, now it just remains as it is.

This is Cubase 13: Track number 65 is selected, but it looks exactly like the other 2 record active tracks, which are not selected:

This is Cubase 12: Track number 65 is selected and you also see, that its selected:

Before all unselected tracks had a white font, now the title is black or white depending on the background color of the track, which is not just confusing, but also reduces usability.

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Look in prefs. You can adjust the strength of colours for selected tracks etc.

Nope, no matter what you set there, the record active tracks are always displayed in the same red, selected or not. That has always been like this.
The only difference now, is that the title color doesn’t change anymore.

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I think you must be looking in the wrong place.

Here is a screenshot of a yellow record ready track, selected and not selected.



If you still cannot find it, post back and I will find the exact options you need in prefs.

I am out of time now, but this is how I have it set:

Please look at my screenshot.
I am not talking about record ready tracks, but actively recording tracks.
Hit record and then try to select the track, you will see, that there is no differene in its appearance when selecting it or not.

Ahh got you. Sorry misunderstood. (Was looking on phone.)

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Correct. Cubase has no sensible color system for it’s UI. It very consistently fails to address many UI fundamentals. This is one. Wish I could say more but I’ve said it all in other threads.

It was working well in C12, they just have to revert it back to the previous version and everythings ok!

The changes they made were an attempt to fix readability and eye strain issues. Those changes broke previous UI decisions they had in place regarding visual feedback. The reason we’re getting a series of changes that break other changes, specifically for the UI, is because they don’t actually have a system in place.

Changing it back, will bring us back the previous problems.

They need an actual design system.

AFAIK there was no really big issue the community had with the C12 design.
In fact, a lot of people seem to be happy with how C12 looked, if you look at the comments here in the forum.
And me as well, it is easy on the eye, streamlined and makes sense.

If you’re referring to reverting to v12, then sure. I thought you were referring to reverting to v13.0