Cubase 13 upgrade - can't activate

Steinberg sent me an email to say that the upgrade I downloaded and installed is not verified and will stop operating in 14 days. When I follow the instructions with the eLicenser Control Center, with the Activation code entered, the control centre tells me there is “no License to upgrade selectable”. The elicenser and Soft elicenser are crossed out. ??


Cubase 13 is not using the eLCC anymore. Please start Steinberg Activation Manager to handle the license.

Which “upgrade”? You have provided absolutely no details about the product(s) you are dealing with.

It’s the Cubase 13 upgrade. In this case from Cubase 11 Pro to Cubase 13 Pro

Hi… thanks for getting back. The issue seems to be with verification “Verification Pending”…image is attached, along with the “No License to Upgrade” error…

Thanks again

Okay. The first thing you need to do is make sure your USB-eLicenser with the Cubase Pro 11 license is plugged in and recognized by the eLCC.

Are you absolutely sure you purchased the correct update?

Hi @john_billows ,

Your Cubase Pro 11 license is in the mode Grace Period Eligible. That means, you are owner of Cubase Pro 12 license in fact. So you should 1st solve this Grace Period think, to get Cubase Pro 12 license. Then you should return your update to get the money back and then buy the cheaper update from Cubase Pro 12.

Btw, you should blure the USB-eLicenser Number and the Soft-eLicenser Number on the screenshot, please.

Thanks for your help Martin…

Could you please advise how I can use the Grace Period to get to Cubase Pro 12? Should I do this through the Activation Manager or eL Control Centre? The activation Manager only has 13 Pro there for me.

Would you be able to outline the steps please?

Given the size of the project I’m working on with Cubase 13 Pro now, I’m not that concerned with any refunds… just want to be able to get things activated and not have Cubase die on me…

Thanks again


In the Steinberg Activation Manager click on the user icon (top-right corner) and choose the Grace Period Check… option, please. This should bring you Cubase Pro 12 license.

Thanks Martin,

Yes the Grace Period was eligible… there is Cubase 12 in the Download Assistant now. So are you suggesting I install 12 Pro over 13 Pro?

Will I have an “Upgradeable License” then for the upgrade to 13 Pro I purchased?

Hopefully I will be able to just install 13 Pro on to 12 with the upgrade I purchased… I have no idea how to return the upgrade I purchased for 11 to 13 back to Steinberg…

Thanks again for your help Martin.


I think the best way is to open a ticket directly to steinberg support via My steinberg account


Cubase Pro 13 will not run with Pro 12 license.

You have to buy the update from Cubase Pro 12. Ask for the refund for your incorrect update you bought, please.

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