Cubase 13 upgrade from cubase 12 student

Shouldn’t Cubase 12, which I bought with a student discount this year, be upgraded to Cubase 13 for free? Also there is no upgrade available for students. There should be another fee for paid upgrade students. I am requesting a free upgrade to cubase 12 which I purchased in the same year.

Only if you activated the license after the Grace Period started. Edu version is the same as retail as far as this goes.

Do a search for Cubase eligible for grace period

@steve has given you the correct information about grace periods - educational licences have the same grace period as retail licences.

Steinberg does not sell educational updates, but you can buy a version update at full retail price for an educational licence. When you apply the update Download Access Code, you get a full retail licence for the product, which you can use for paid work and sell (educational licences cannot be used for commercial work and the licence is Not For Resale).