Cubase 13 & Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 Issue

Hi !

So it looks like I found an issue with Cubase 13 and VEP 7.3.3440 .

If you want to reproduce the issue , create :
2 active outputs on Cubase ( 1/2 and 3/4)
4 midi tracks (respectively channel 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 )
Assign midi tracks 1 and 2 to the active outputs 1/2
and midi tracks 3 and 4 to the active outputs 3/4
Put midi tracks 1 and 2 into a folder
Put midi tracks 3 and 4 into another folder
Close your session
reopen it
and check the midi track 3 on the second folder , it’s assigned to 1/2 , it should be 3/4 .

I noticed it on every first midi tracks on my template session which are into a folder .
I didn’t have the issue on Cubase 12 .
The only way to restore a proper assignment is to take the midi tracks off the folders .

I’m on Mac OS X Monterey 12.7.0
Master : Imac i7 2020 64gb ram
Slave : MacBook Pro i9 2019 64gb Ram
Cubase 13.0.10
VEP 7.3.3440

Thanks !



Please, verify, if this is only a graphical issue. Does it really use 1/2 or does it use 3/4 but it shows 1/2?

Hi Martin ,

So this is a graphical issue ! When I reopen the session , The new channel tab on the left shows Output 1/2 which is the wrong routing BUT the audio is going to 3/4 as expected .
If you can reproduce it , it would be great to fix it for the next maintenance update .

here is a picture when I assign the midi track to the right output :

and here is a picture when I reopen the session:

You can clearly see the output is going to 3/4 as expected but the channel tab is assigned to 1/2 , as the output in the inspector .

Thanks Martin ,


Thank you for the confirmation.

This is going to be fixed in the first Cubase 13 maintenance update.

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Thanks Martin !

For something completely different. I am unable to connect to any server. No server to choose from. C13 Pro, Vienna Ensemble Pro7, Mac studio, Ventura 15.3.2, Apollo x4.

I’m talking about Vienna Ensemble Pro7 with Cubase 13…sorrry.