Cubase 13 & Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 Issue

Hi !

So it looks like I found an issue with Cubase 13 and VEP 7.3.3440 .

If you want to reproduce the issue , create :
2 active outputs on Cubase ( 1/2 and 3/4)
4 midi tracks (respectively channel 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 )
Assign midi tracks 1 and 2 to the active outputs 1/2
and midi tracks 3 and 4 to the active outputs 3/4
Put midi tracks 1 and 2 into a folder
Put midi tracks 3 and 4 into another folder
Close your session
reopen it
and check the midi track 3 on the second folder , it’s assigned to 1/2 , it should be 3/4 .

I noticed it on every first midi tracks on my template session which are into a folder .
I didn’t have the issue on Cubase 12 .
The only way to restore a proper assignment is to take the midi tracks off the folders .

I’m on Mac OS X Monterey 12.7.0
Master : Imac i7 2020 64gb ram
Slave : MacBook Pro i9 2019 64gb Ram
Cubase 13.0.10
VEP 7.3.3440

Thanks !



Please, verify, if this is only a graphical issue. Does it really use 1/2 or does it use 3/4 but it shows 1/2?

Hi Martin ,

So this is a graphical issue ! When I reopen the session , The new channel tab on the left shows Output 1/2 which is the wrong routing BUT the audio is going to 3/4 as expected .
If you can reproduce it , it would be great to fix it for the next maintenance update .

here is a picture when I assign the midi track to the right output :

and here is a picture when I reopen the session:

You can clearly see the output is going to 3/4 as expected but the channel tab is assigned to 1/2 , as the output in the inspector .

Thanks Martin ,


Thank you for the confirmation.

This is going to be fixed in the first Cubase 13 maintenance update.

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Thanks Martin !