Cubase 13 VST blacklist

I upgraded to Cubase 13 from 12.
A whole bunch of VST3 plugins were blacklisted. I managed to reinstall most and fix the program but Autotune Pro and a few other VST are still blacklisted, even though they are VST 3 (not VST 2).
Any suggestions?
Thank you!

Or you on a Mac or PC ?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

If you are on Mac, double-check, if Cubase 12 was starting in the Rosetta mode. If yes, make sure Cubase 13 also starts in the Rosetta mode.

Hi I’m on Mac

Hello Martin & Thank you.
I believe Cubase 12 was starting in Rosetta.
Does starting in Rosetta slow down Cubase by a lot?


I don’t know, what “a lot” means for you. If the performance of your system is reaching the limit in the Native mode, it might happen, it will go over in Rosetta. If you have a big headroom, then it’s totally OK.

Test it at your system. :wink:

Also try to update your plug-ins. Maybe they are Apple Silicon compatible, now.

Thanks Martin.

what is rosetta ?


The Rosetta mode is an emulation, where you can start an older incompatible (non-native) applications.

Right-click on the application and Get Info. There you can enable/disable the Rosetta mode.